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Amazon just dropped the motherlode of early 4th of July deals, starting at a mere $3

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Air fryer, TV, Tozo earbuds, Apple iPad
Make it a summer to remember with Amazon's massive early 4th of July sale! (Photo: Getty)

Are you ready to get your shop on? Well, it's a good thing that Amazon just dropped a ton of early 4th of July sales, ranging from smart TVs to air fryers to wardrobe wonders and just about everything in between. We've gathered all the best savings for you right here, so you can enjoy your spree without all that pesky research!

Our Favorite Weekend Deal

MultiClean Allergen Pet Vacuum

$190 at Amazon

With its swivel steering and lightweight design, this upright vacuum can suck up pet hair, dust and more, with a HEPA filter to trap even the smallest particles and allergens.

In other news, you may have heard Prime Day's coming at ya on July 12 and 13...but did you know that there are a slew early Prime Day deals happening right this very second? We've included several below. If you’re not yet an Amazon Prime member, sign up now for exclusive members-only access to Prime Day deals.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled weekend bargain bonanza: Keep scrolling for more deep-discounted goodness!

TVs and home theater

Insignia 24-inch HD Smart Fire TV
A smart TV for $90? Yep. And it's a mega-popular one too! (Photo: Amazon)

As an early Prime Day surprise, Amazon has slashed the price of a slew of smart TVs. The best deal of the bunch: This Insignia 24-inch HD Smart Fire TV is down to $90 (was $170). That's a whopping $80 off for Prime members. Also impressive: its crisp picture, vivid colors and top-notch audio. Not only can you watch live TV and stream 4K movies and shows from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more, but Alexa awaits in the remote! No wonder over 19,800 customers have bestowed a five-star rating on this little set.

“I am honestly very pleasantly surprised with how much I like this TV,” reported a happy shopper. “As far as clarity goes, I believe (HD) 720p is plenty for this screen size. I’m a bit of a TV snob and the lower clarity is not noticeable in this size.”

$90 with Prime $170 at Amazon

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Headphones and earbuds

Black wireless earbuds popping out of their black charging case
Sounds like a deal to us! (Photo: Amazon)

At the risk of stating the obvious: Some earbuds cost a pretty penny. But that's not the only way to go: We just found a deal too good to pass up! Tozo T6 Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds have over 143,000 five-star reviews over at Amazon, and if that doesn’t grab your attention, this should: They’re on sale for a ridiculous $24 with an on-page coupon (that's down from a still-pretty-good $50)!

You can expect superior audio quality, of course, courtesy of 6mm speaker drivers that produce crisp, powerful sound and heart-thumping bass. Trust us — these earbuds sound way better than the ones that came with your phone! They're also ideal for sweating it out in the gym, thanks to their IPX8 Waterproof Nano-coating that efficiently protects the earbuds and charging case from water damage.

"These headphones are literally fantastic. I am a professional musician, and these have an incredibly clear sound quality and really high-end parts," shared an impressed music maven. "The connection is fast and easy, it charges while in the case, which is a great feature.... Really high-end headphones for an amazingly good price..."

$24 with coupon $50 at Amazon

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Tablets and tech

Apple iPad
Say hello to your new favorite screen. (Photo: Amazon)

Whether you want a tablet that's great at taking selfies, for Zoom calls, or just to stream your favorite show while you're by the pool or at the beach, this one checks all the boxes. The Apple iPad is the gold standard for a reason: It has a 10.2-inch Retina display, stereo speakers, and runs on an A13 Bionic chip. Plus, its ultra-wide camera ensures you're center stage.

"iPad is my go-to device, other than my work computer," one shopper shared. "I use it for everything. From watching TV/Movies to sketching to reading magazines, and everything else."

$429 $479 at Amazon

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Luna Controller
We're over the moon about this wireless Luna Controller — it lets you play games via phone, tablet, computer or TV. (Photo: Amazon)

Right now, Prime members can score Amazon's No. 1 bestselling Luna Controller for just $40 (was $70). That's the lowest price we've seen. Designed for Amazon's cloud gaming service wireless (which is free for Prime members), this controller boasts a super-grippy, comfortable design. It has a pair of thumbsticks for precision, dual fast-action bumpers and four triggers at the top. It also has four responsive action buttons and an accurate four-way D-pad. Plus it's re-mappable to best suit your gaming experience. To begin, just press the dedicated Luna button on the controller to launch the cloud gaming platform and search for your game of choice.

Some shoppers say that this controller is better than Microsoft's. "Wow! The best controller I have ever owned," raved a gamer. "Better build quality than the original Xbox X controllers. They feel great in the hands, and trying to perform precise sniper aiming is a joy as the thumbsticks offer the perfect balance of resistance and control. To set up Luna controllers...is really simple and took me less than five minutes...this is a hidden gem of controllers!"

$40 with Prime $70 at Amazon

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Smart home

MyQ garage camera
Park one of these in your garage for an extra layer of security. (Photo: Amazon)

You probably have a smart doorbell at your front door, a camera for your back door, and alarms throughout your home. One place you might be missing? Your garage — and intruders know that.

Over 54,500 five-star Amazon reviewers swear by the MyQ Smart Garage Camera to keep track of who goes in or out of the space. It has two-way audio, connects via Bluetooth using your smartphone and even sends you alerts anytime someone enters or exists. The MyQ camera can handle both hot and freezing temps, too — from –4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

"The camera works great with my MyQ app and has amazing video quality even in night vision," a shopper shared. "Took me less than five minutes to unbox, connect and mount the camera to my garage door opener. Totally worth the price!"

$80 $150 at Amazon

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A blue and silver upright vacuum
No more Fluffy- or Fido-induced sniffles! (Photo: Amazon)

If you have pets, the Bissell MultiClean Allergen Pet Vacuum is a lifesaver. It removes fur and other debris across multiple surfaces with incredibly powerful suction. Thanks to an easy-empty function, it gathers pet hair remnants around the tank, so it stays out of filters and off of your hands. And it's on sale now for just $140 (down from $196)!

With its swivel steering and lightweight design, this upright vacuum can suck up pet hair, dust and more, with a HEPA filter to trap even the smallest particles and allergens. "This vacuum is awesome," praised a fan. "Best and strongest one I've ever had. I love it dearly. The brushes that spin horizontally underneath can be turned off, and I guess that's the feature to keep from hair tangling around them. It's perfectly maneuverable. Just beautiful."

$140 $196 at Amazon

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Ultrean air fryer full of fries
Enjoy all the fries you want, minus the guilt. (Photo: Amazon)

This nifty 4.2-quart device can grill, roast, bake and fry, all without any oil. It does that by circulating hot air, which crisps up those veggies, wings and more. No splatters, no extra fat, no mess, and all the flavor of your favorite fried food. Easy and delicious, with minimal effort on your part.

Folks are seriously hooked. Said a five-star fan: "I admit that I was wary about buying this — or any — air fryer. But I have been nothing but thrilled with the results. First, the food comes out fantastic — and the cleanup is quite easy. Second, it is super-easy to use. A quick three-minute warmup at the desired cooking temp, and then you place the food in the nice-sized basket, set the temp and time, and you are done!"

$50 with on-page coupon $96 at Amazon

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Truskin vitamin c serum
Impart a healthy glow to tired skin. (Photo: Amazon)

The plant-based formula goes above and beyond with a blend of vitamins C and E for brightening and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing. It’s also packed with skin-soothing botanicals such as aloe vera and organic jojoba oil. TruSkin’s innovative blend creates a supercharged serum that improves tone and texture, and targets signs of aging.

“Face-lift in a bottle,” claimed one user. “Have used this for about a year now and I couldn't be more pleased. As a 72-year-old female, nothing pleases me more than for people to think I'm about 10–15 years younger.”

$20 $30 at Amazon

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empire-waist floral knee-length dress
This super-flattering frock comes in 32 colors and patterns. (Photo: Amazon)

The empire waist makes this dress extra figure-flattering — its elastic band cinches the narrowest part of you, and the full skirt conceals the tummy for a flawless fit. Its short sleeves are on the longer side, offering a bit more coverage to the upper arm, and the hemline falls right below the knee. A rayon-spandex blend means it's lightweight, soft and stretchy, so it's great for warmer weather.

"The colors are beautiful," said this happy shopper. "The elastic at the waist is just enough to prevent the waist from stretching without being tight.... I ordered a size 2x and it is a perfect AND flattering fit!!! It's loose enough that I'm comfy, but tight enough that the girls are nicely framed.... Lastly, I was worried about length and it comes to just below my knees, so that, too, is perfect."

Starting at $28 $46 at Amazon

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Bedding & home

A white pillow with a bag of foam and a blue box reading
Sleep like a baby. Save like a champ. (Photo: Amazon)

If you need neck support while you sleep, the Hoperay Bed Neck Pillow promises to never go flat, thanks to its shredded memory foam filling — it even comes with a bag of extra filling so you can customize the firmness. But the comfort doesn't end with firm control. According to Amazon shoppers, it also stays cool, making it the perfect addition to your summer bedding setup — especially for over 50 percent off!

"I wasn't sleeping well, and knew I needed a new pillow," a satisfied slumberer shared. "It's perfect. I'm sleeping like a baby and hardly toss and turn. It stays cool and supports where needed. I love it so much. I'm thinking about getting one for my husband."

$30 $63 at Amazon

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Health & wellness

Massager with attachments
We're picking up good vibrations. (Photo: Amazon)

Some people wake with an "Ouch!" Others hurt only after a good workout. And then there are those whose muscles constantly ache. For instant relief, check out the Vybe Premium Muscle Massage Gun — on sale for over 50% off with on-page coupon!

The powerful handheld massager provides tension relief, post-workout recovery or just simple relaxation. With five adjustable levels of vibration up to 3,200 rpm, this percussive deep-tissue massage gun is designed to break apart knots, help relieve pain, improve performance and enhance recovery, no matter if you're targeting joint pain, soft tissue, cramps, trigger points or a stubborn tightness. A contoured handle also makes it easy to get a grip.

"I have a medical condition that causes limb spasticity and a lot of pain that goes along with the cramping. While the pain is generally tolerable, it's always there and often limits my movement. This massage gun has been a game changer for me," divulged one user. "The minute it hits a muscle, I feel that muscle relax and any cramps are alleviated."

$100 $210 at Amazon

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Lawn & garden

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer
Don't bug out, but here's a killer deal on Amazon's No. 1 zapper. (Photo: Amazon)

If mosquitoes refuse to let you enjoy your yard, you may be interested in Amazon's No. 1 bestselling bug zapper, now on sale. Designed to cover one acre, the Flowtron employs ultraviolet rays, keeping harmful pesticides out of the equation — and your yard. This killer gadget continues to impress shoppers with its efficiency and weatherproof durability.

"Tens of thousands of bugs were harmed in the making of this review," quipped a five-star fan. "I've owned this product for over a year now (452 days according to Alexa). I live in coastal Georgia in the country, so think 'lots of bugs.' I bought this little killer because it's fairly dark where I live and a tremendous number of bugs are drawn to any light source, even shaded windows of rooms with a light on, so that at night every insect imaginable was crawling all over the house...I placed the unit near the back fence, probably 60 to 80 feet from the rear of the house. The immediate result was a significant reduction in six legged varmints attracted to the back-lit windows."

$45 $65 at Amazon

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