These Amazon finds will help keep your kitchen and pantry beautiful

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When I first found out about Marie Kondo, I could not imagine being that organized and tidy, however, once I started, it was like an addiction. Especially when it comes to the pantry and the refrigerator. It’s not just about the organization, but I find it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As someone who loves to cook, there are always fresh ingredients and produce with plenty of colors to break the white monotony of the fridge.

To keep my refrigerator in the most organized state, I’ve adopted a few strategies that make it easier for me to manage. One of the simplest tips is making sure all items are grouped together. This makes it much easier to differentiate between which items you already have and what needs to be replenished.

When looking at different containers for my pantry and refrigerator, one of my favorite places to look is West Elm. I live for their Kaloh Stoneware kitchen canisters, but at $25 each, I decided to look for similar more affordable options on Amazon that will not only help keep my refrigerator and pantry organized but will also make it prettier to look at.

Here are a few of my Amazon finds that are a must for kitchen organization.

Farmhouse Stoneware canisters with honeycomb design and bamboo Lids, $30 - $60

There are many options to choose from, but for the price of one at West Elm, you can get three canisters. I like to add nuts, grains and pasta for easy access.

Fruit and Berry storage with drain basket, $14- $40

This is one of my favorite purchases. When I get home with fruits, the first thing I do is wash them, but rather than hang them out to dry, I put them in these adorable storage baskets and let them drain.

Caraway Storage Containers
Caraway Storage Containers

Glass storage containers (price varies)

Glass storage containers are great for leftovers and can also be used to store salads and looks great in the refrigerator. For a more economical purchase check out the 24-piece glass containers from Razab, $48. For something more high-end, these Caraway Ceramic Coated Food Containers come in various colors such as olive green, navy, coral and my personal favorite, cream. The set of 14 pieces is priced at $275.

Overnight oats jars with lid and spoon, $14 - $35

My most recent investment, this item is an absolute necessity for anyone who enjoys having oats for breakfast like I do. Because it comes with a spoon that is attached to the lid, it is ideal for someone who is constantly on the move. These are also useful for making yogurt cups with fruit and granola or making your own fruit salads, among other things.

Desk organizer trays, $12 - $30

Although meant for your desk storage, these are terrific for organizing snacks in the pantry. These are great for decreasing the footprint of the large boxes that meal replacement bars typically come in and for stacking your favorite tastes. These are also handy for keeping in the fridge to keep your small condiment bottles neat and easily accessible.

Bentgo stackable Bento boxes, $9 - $35

These are great for packing lunches and snacks, come in a variety of colors and sizes and are also great for portion control. What I love about these is that you can plan ahead and stack them neatly in your refrigerator.

Airtight food storage containers, $29 - $40

The storage of dried fruits, nuts, cereals, candies and baking ingredients should be a requirement for each pantry. In addition to being excellent for stacking, this helps to keep the pantry looking nice and free of any bugs that may be there or trying to get into your goods.

Bag storage organizer, $30 - $65

An absolute must! Not only will these storage bag organizers keep your drawers looking its best, but they will also help you manage the various-sized bags. In addition to the storage bag organizer, another of my favorites is the wrap organizer, which includes compartments for wax paper, aluminum foil and plastic wrap and comes with a built-in slide cutter.

Spice organizer, $25 - $45

As an avid cook, I have dozens of spices in my kitchen and prior to my obsession with pantry organization, I had a pantry full of mismatched bottles of various sizes strewn about. Although it took some effort at first, once I had transferred all of the spices to these new bottles, labeled them and stacked them on the rack, I realized how useful it can be to have them all neatly organized. This set comes with stickers pre-made for you, but you can also get creative with a paint marker and make your own labels.

Stemless wine glasses set of 4, $40 - $65

So this is technically not for organization, but it is a great find. I love to entertain and these hand blown wine glasses with gold trim are a great addition to any kitchen. Great for Sunday brunches, evenings with friends and add a bit of glam with the trim.

Coffee station organizer, $24 - $45

Quite possibly one of the most useful finds for any coffee lover. This is a way to set up different mix-ins, flavored syrups, sugar types and tea flavors for your guests to enjoy. I also like to add hot chocolate and toppings for the kids to use as well. There’s really no limit to what you can add to your coffee bar.

When it comes to kitchen decor, I not only want it to be functional, but I want it to look beautiful too. These Amazon finds have helped take my organization to the next level while keeping with the modern and minimalist aesthetic I love.