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Amazon's secret overstock section is packed with problem-solving products starting at $7

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The secret's out. (Photo: Amazon)
The secret's out. (Photo: Amazon)

We love a good deal and there's only one thing that can make a deal better: it solves a problem. You probably already know that Amazon is loaded with items that meet both criteria, but what you might not know is that there's a secret section with awesome overstock items that can simplify, clear up or just make your life a little bit easier — at a massive markdown.

We combed through hundreds of products — from colorful knives to closet organizing gadgets —and picked out our favorite items. Scroll down for hidden gems to help out around the house.

A bar of soap is almost guaranteed to become a gummy mess — there are few solutions that actually keep it from sitting in a pool of water, until now. Unlike soap dishes with slits to keep a bar of soap above water, the NPET Soap Dish with Drain continuously drains. It attaches to your sink surface with a suction cup. That holds the dish at a 45° angle, and with the spout, excess water flows into the sink so your soap sits on a mostly dry surface to keep it solid.

"I love this thingy," raved one happy shopper. "Dermatologist said I must switch to Ivory bar soap. I imagined the mess and chasing the bar around the shower when it slid out of my hands. This soap holder came to the rescue. Run my scrubber over the bar secure in the holder and lather up. A quick rinse of the bar and holder prevents slimy build up. My skin is happier too."

This over-the-sink drying rack is the ultimate space-saving solution for small kitchens. Its sturdy construction paired with suction cups, this rack can hold up to 80 pounds of dishes, knives and gadgets.

"This is one of the best purchases I have ever made!" one enthusiastic customer reported. "My apartment is so small and the kitchen only has two counters, so when my old drying rack was taking over an entire counter top, I was always so frustrated. This over the sink drying rack is so sturdy and the adjustable height is key! My cabinets also sit very low so I needed something with a frame shorter than 24”. Since the top shelf is adjustable in height I can fit my large plates so easily! I’ve literally never been so excited to do the dishes."

If you're looking to save some cash and energy this summer, this Door Draft Stopper might be the solution you're looking for. Kind of like heavy floor pillow, it sits where your door meets the floor to stop any air from flowing in or out. For a secure fit, it comes with velcro to attach the draft stopper to your door, but it works well without the velcro, too. Bonus: it blocks noise and unwanted light as well.

"In my condo my AC unit is in my bedroom closet," a rave reviewer reported. "This closet is always freezing and the door to it has a 2 inch gap on the bottom. I never realized how much cold air was coming through that gap until this winter. My bedroom is always the coldest room in my apartment. With this draft stopper I swear my bedroom is 10 degrees warmer now. I just placed it in front of the doors and that was that. Nothing else to do. It is quite heavy and solid. So it really blocks any air from passing through it."

If you’re looking for a quick fix for your overstuffed closet, these hefty hangers are designed to neatly hold up to five blouses, dresses or pants.

“Love this concept to organize your closet,” wrote a five-star fan. “These worked very well and cleared up so much space in my closet. They are pretty sturdy for the price. I am pleased as of now with this purchase as these hangers have made life a little less stressful when searching for clothing and have made my closet look so nice.”

For a hot meal outdoors, this Dutch oven would make any Survivor contestant drool. Not only does it function as a pot (with cute little legs to stand over a campfire), the lid doubles as a skillet so you can fry up whatever you're craving out in the wilderness.

“I bought this for camping,” wrote a happy camper. “I use the fire to cook all my meals and this thing is awesome. I used the lid only to make breakfast and used the pot to make campfire soup from scratch. If you buy this be sure to treat it with oil every time you clean it so it doesn’t rust. I can see this being the last pot I ever buy. It will last me years.”

If you own a microwave, you know how messy it can get if you don't cover your food. Paper towels or a lid sitting slightly askew work sometimes, but this food-grade silicone cover works all the time to prevent splatter. But clever Amazon shoppers have multiple uses for it.

“​​[I] use it as a splatter cover in the microwave or to wash and strain fruits and vegetables,” a rave reviewer shared. “Very easy to clean. Collapsible to make it even smaller. It may even be used to cover plates when setting up a barbecue. Buy a few. Put them where you can see them and get maximum use.”

There are a lot of reasons to love these knives — not just because they're colorful! To prevent cross-contamination, you can color coordinate them for whatever chopping jobs you're doing, and they all come with sleeves for safety, but shoppers have a multitude of reasons to appreciate them.

“Honestly, I just wanted a good knife set since I'm starting over after my divorce!” shared a newly single shopper. “These knives are amazing! Sharpness is out of this world. They're sturdy and well-crafted! I love them. Be careful.....they cut through virtually anything!!”

This dish drying rack is perfect for small kitchens. It saves counter space by using the sink to catch dripping water and it rolls up for easy storage.

“Ooooh, I scored big for Valentine’s Day this year!” wrote a doting husband. “My wife loves it. She likes order in her kitchen, and leaving things on the counter to dry is horrific. This little baby is easy to store and unroll for use, and enables one to keep all dishes/pots/pans over the sink. It can be a good space-saver by allowing you to use the area above your sink. Also works well as a cooling rack. So easy to use, and yet so enabling.”

To dress up an empty corner, this floating shelf lets you put all your knickknacks on display.

“Purchased two of these for a small space in my toilet room,” a rave reviewer shared. “The wood was a little light so I stained it to match my existing wood accents. It stained a little darker than I hoped, but they still look and function perfectly! Love the size and look!”

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And even those without Prime get free shipping on orders of $25 or more).

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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