The US Government's Recommended House Temperatures Has Everyone In Disbelief

It's extremely hot in the northeast right now, and while I'm DOING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER not to just blast my AC all day, an image of thermostat recommendations is going viral.

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Here's what the US Government recommends we set our houses at:

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I'm sorry to say this is apparently real information.

The US Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78 for optimal comfort. They recommend 85 when you're away from the house and 82 when you're sleeping.

A person is seated on a chair, gesturing animatedly while speaking. The setting appears to be indoors


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This is obviously news to everyone.

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"Big Heat wrote this," one person joked.

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"Do researchers think we're lizards?" another person asked.

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And this person basically said, "Yeah, for my grandma."

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Personally, I'm caught up on the 82 degrees sleeping.

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Anyway, apparently the US government thinks we're reptiles.

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Thoughts, feelings, concerns?

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