Animal attack suspected in death of 1-year-old who wandered away, Louisiana cops say

An animal attack is suspected in the death of a 1-year-old child who wandered off, Louisiana officials said.

The Claiborne Parish Sheriff’s Office said it was called after two children disappeared from a home. Soon after deputies arrived, one of the missing kids, age 4, was found safe and received treatment for minor injuries.

Crews continued searching for the younger child, who they found dead roughly a half-mile from the home abouttwo hours after deputies responded. The sheriff’s office made the grim discovery in a rural area “where timber had recently been harvested,” according to a news release.

Deputies identified the child as Da Angelo Manning, who was 17 months old.

Sheriff Sam Dowies in the release said the toddler appeared to have died as the “result of an animal attack,” and officials were investigating as of Monday, Sept. 18.

“The Claiborne Parish Coroner directed that Da Angelo’s body be sent for an autopsy,” deputies wrote. “An investigation into the death is ongoing.”

The sheriff’s office in its release didn’t say what kind of animal is believed to have killed the 1-year-old and didn’t immediately share additional information with McClatchy News on Sept. 18. The department is based in Homer, roughly 50 miles northeast of Shreveport.

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