Apologies to the Queen: NDP leader Jagmeet Singh doesn't think monarchy is relevant in Canada

Jagmeet Singh and Queen Elizabeth II

At any given time, all eyes and ears are on the royal family, but NDP leader Jagmeet Singh believes Canadians don’t care about the monarchy’s role in the country.

“I don’t see the relevance of it, and I don’t think that most Canadians do,” Singh said in an interview on CTV’s Question Period.

Singh’s response comes after host Evan Solomon asked the federal NDP leader whether he’s a monarchist or a republican, in the context of the National Post investigation into former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson claiming over $1 million in expenses since leaving the position in 2005.

“I believe that we should be a state, I think that makes sense, and I’m open to hearing folks’ opinions on that, but that’s my take,” Singh said.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state. In 1953, the Royal Style and Titles Act formally granted Elizabeth II the Queen of Canada title. New Canadians, members of parliament, police officers and members of the military all swear their allegiance to the Queen.

The Governor General position, currently held by Julie Payette, represents Her Majesty the Queen on a federal level. The role’s responsibilities include giving royal assent to turn a bill into a law and being an international representative for Canada.

Those who consider themselves republicans believe Canada should dissolve the system of a constitutional monarchy, shifting to an elected, Canadian head of state.

“I think we are a nation and we are proud of our nation and proud of the work we do,” Singh said on the CTV program. “We’ve got a democracy and we’re proud of our democracy and I think that’s what most Canadians think is important and I think we should focus on that.”

Following the NDP leader’s television appearance, Canadians took to social media to share their opinion of the monarchy’s role in Canada:

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