'It's our time': Titan fans ready for Memorial Cup win Sunday

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'It's our time': Titan fans ready for Memorial Cup win Sunday

'It's our time': Titan fans ready for Memorial Cup win Sunday

The town is in a tizz.

That's how Luc Foulem, the communication director for the city of Bathurst and announcer for the Titan games describes the fever hitting the region as they've watched the Acadie-Bathurst Titan junior hockey team make it to the final game in the Memorial Cup.

"The whole region is just anxious to get to Sunday's game and hopefully the boys will bring it home."

The words 'Go Titans Go' are flashing on many business signs in the city. Others have signs up outside featuring the team logo and flags.

Big screen

While Titan fans can't be in Regina to watch the game, the city is doing the next best thing by hosting a viewing party at the Promenade Waterfront Park Sunday at 8 p.m.

Over 2,000 fans will be able to watch the game live on a giant screen that will be set up in the parking area.

"There's a lot of confidence, everyone is brimming with confidence to see this historic moment happen," Foulem said.

Superfan Fred Best says it will happen.

"I feel very confident that we will win," he said. "We're the best team in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, we represent the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, and if we didn't have the best team, we wouldn't be where we are.

"We're ready to win. It's our turn."

Long wait

It's something Best and another longtime fan and another team volunteer, Aldo Mallet have been waiting for. 

"When the team came to Bathurst I went to the first game and I saw exciting hockey... and I've been around ever since." 

Mallet admits he wasn't expecting the team to go as far at they did at the beginning of the season. 

"Sylvain Couturier was smart to get what he needed to build a beautiful team, the best team we've ever had here in Bathurst." 

For a die hard fan like him, Mallet said he's enjoying it all. 

Electric feeling

Foulem said the atmosphere at Sunday's event will be electric if it's anything like how the fans reacted when the team won the President's Cup on May 13.

"The energy and the support the fans have offered the team is just an incredible sight and sound to hear. Just as a premise, when the boys got on for the warm up, the fans nearly tore the roof off, it was that loud."

Foulem said he's looking forward to seeing how fans react on Sunday night.

Best will be one of the fans there cheering on the team, something he's been doing since they came to Bathurst in 1998.

"I was the first in line to get a season ticket and I've been buying them ever since. I have mine already for next year."

The superfan — as Best is known — will be wearing his horned hat and his original Titan jersey given to him by the former team owner.

When asked if he had a prediction of what the score would be, Best said the Titan would win by one goal.

"It's going to be high energy, high enthusiasm and they are going to cheer even though they are 4,000 kilometres away from Regina. The vibe will be strong. That will be sent to the boys in the Regina,"  Foulem said.

He added just to make it to the final of the Memorial Cup is an achievement in itself.

"But we want that cup."

Foulem says the team's President's Cup win and hopefully the Memorial Cup win will be celebrated with a parade on May 29 when the team returns back to Bathurst.