'Die-hards' expected to fill Transit Windsor buses for home opener

'Die-hards' expected to fill Transit Windsor buses for home opener

Transit Windsor is preparing for the hundreds of die-hard Detroit Tiger fans to cram its buses Friday.

More people are expected this year because the home opener falls on a Friday. However, the threat of snow has transit officials thinking they won't cross as early as usual for those traditional tailgate celebrations.

"As soon as we start to see that there are some crowds that are ready to go over, we'll start bringing them over," said Transit Windsor executive director Pat Delmore.

Buses start running early

Tunnel buses should start hauling people to Comerica Park at around 9 or 10 a.m. and Delmore predicts people will stay stateside longer this year.

"Most of the people don't have to get up for work on Saturday," he said.

Anyone who took a Transit Windsor bus to Detroit and wants to stay late is encouraged to stand right outside of the tunnel for the return trip.

The toll is $5 each way and tickets can be purchased in advance. Between eight and 10 buses will be on the road to shuttle the estimated 1,000 - 1,500 people across on Friday.

"It's a fun day for our staff, really it is," Delmore said. "The drivers enjoy it as much as the passengers."