'Facebook found my truck': Limited edition truck returned to its owner

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'Facebook found my truck': Limited edition truck returned to its owner

'Facebook found my truck': Limited edition truck returned to its owner

Social media helped Gary Morehouse find his stolen truck.

When Morehouse left a Harvest Jazz and Blues concert one September morning, he discovered his limited edition Harley Davidson Ford F-150 gone from its spot in downtown Fredericton.

He immediately called police, who had already responded to 60 calls that night, with only eight officers working.

"I can't remember quite what he said, but he was a pretty tired, worn-out guy," Morehouse said.

Underwhelmed by the police response, Morehouse took to social media. 

He posted a picture of his truck and some details. The post went viral.

His limited edition truck, which he found stolen at 2 a.m. Sunday, was discovered by a Facebook user on Monday.

Morehouse said he feels partly responsible for the theft. A spare key was hidden in the console.

"I'm sure that's how they took it," said Morehouse, who was embarrassed by the key in the truck and told his story to CBC because he wanted others to be careful.

After the Facebook post, people started seeing his truck around town and posted pictures of it for Morehouse. In some pictures, the stolen truck was being driven. In at least one picture, the truck was parked on Prospect Street.

Morehouse called police again but still nothing.

'Facebook found my truck'

His Facebook post had hit about 3,500 when it finally landed on Hayward Brewer's computer screen.

Then Brewer, a hotel maintenance manager, spotted something unusual.

A pickup truck was parked at a nearby shed in Fredericton that matched the description of the Facebook post he saw.

"When I noticed the truck, I walked around it and it had Harley Davidson edition on the back of the truck, so I remembered seeing it on Facebook.

"So I ran back to the computer, posted, 'I found your truck and I'm calling the police.'"

Morehouse was shocked by how many people got involved to help find his vehicle.

"Facebook found my truck, not the police," he said.

Even though the truck was found, all of Morehouse's personal belongings were gone. The transmission in the truck is a writeoff and will be sold at an auction.

Although Facebook was able to find his truck, Morehouse said, he hopes the police can find the thief.