'We will miss you': Community grieves after boy, 6, struck and killed near school

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'We will miss you': Community grieves after boy, 6, struck and killed near school

'We will miss you': Community grieves after boy, 6, struck and killed near school

A community is in mourning after a six-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle and killed just across from his Scarborough elementary school Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, the site where the senior kindergarten student's life was tragically cut short became a memorial with flowers, stuffed animals and hand-written notes — including one addressing the boy as "an angel".

"We will miss you my friend," read the note signed Trey and Jordan.

Toronto police were called to the scene just opposite Morrish Public School, at the intersection of Halfmoon Square and Canmore Boulevard in the Morningside Avenue and Ellesmere Road area, where the boy was struck just after leaving for the day.

'This mother, she doesn't have her son now'

He was rushed to the hospital but died of his injuries. 

Police are still investigating the cause of the collision and no charges have yet been laid. However, Const. Clint Sibbe told CBC Toronto that it looked as though the boy did not use the crosswalk.

Lisa LeFeuvre lives just around the corner from where the crash took place and said news of the death has left the community in shock.

"This mother, she doesn't have her son now," LeFeuvre said. "I cannot imagine how awful that must be. ... I wouldn't wish it on anybody."

LeFeuvre has two children of her own who attended Morrish Public School until 2006. 

She said she's long been concerned about something like this happening, adding that it's always been very chaotic in the area when school lets out.

Concerns over safety after school

"On the streets on both sides you have cars facing both west and east, bumper to bumper. ... And so what they've left in the middle is enough space for one car to get through."

A friend of the driver who allegedly struck the boy said that his friend called him weeping after the crash. 

"He just say that he picked up his son from the school and he was driving by and a kid ran from left to right side," Taufiq Alam said. "He just come in front of his car and got hit."

Alam said that his friend had just picked up his own child from school when the collision happened. 

"He was crying. He just kept crying," Alam said. "He's shocked and depressed and very, very upset."