Apple Vision Pro production cut because of low demand, report claims

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Apple is cutting production of the Vision Pro amid weaker than expected demand, according to a new report.

The headset is yet to be released outside of the US, and has been on sale there for less than three months. But the company is already forecasting lower than expected demand, according to a new report from Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo.

The “market consensus” had been that Apple would sell 700,000-800,000 of the headsets in the first year they were available, he said. Now, it is forecasting 400,000-450,000 sales this year, he reported.

The company is also reviewing its roadmap for what the analyst called “head-mounted display (HMD)” products. That might mean there is no new Vision Pro released in 2025, despite previous expectations, he reported.

The report did not give any indication of why Apple might believe that demand is lower than forecast. But he suggested that the Vision Pro had struggled because of a “lack of key applications”, as well as complaints about the price and comfort.

Apple announced the Vision Pro last summer, along with a price that started at $3,500. That is considerably more than rival headsets such as those made by Meta.

The headset received rave reviews when it was released in the US earlier this year. But some critics have complained about a lack of unique content and experiences for the Vision Pro, and reports suggested that some early buyers were returning their headsets to Apple.

The Vision Pro has since helped bring discussion of augmented and virtual reality headsets into the mainstream. But it has also led to concerns that the technology or consumers may not yet be ready make the headsets a mass-market product.

Apple has not given any official indication of how sales of the Vision Pro are going. It is also yet to announce its expansion beyond the US.