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Apple's new M2 iPad Air tablets drop to record-low prices

The base 11-inch model is down to $569.

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Apple's latest iPad Air models have only been out for a couple of weeks, but you can already score decent deals on the new tablets. Most variants are on sale at Amazon at the minute, including the base 11-inch model with 128GB of storage. Thanks to a $30 discount, you can snap one up for $569. It's early days for the new iPad Air, but that still marks a record-low price.

The 11-inch M2 iPad Air has dropped to its lowest price to date.

$570 at Amazon
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$599 at Walmart$599 at Staples

While the iPad Pro might be significantly more powerful and have a nicer display, we reckon the latest Air is the best iPad for most people. We feel it strikes the right balance of price, features and performance for the majority of folks.

Sure, it's more expensive than the base iPad, the most wallet-friendly model with a sticker price of $349. But opting for an Air will help futureproof you, as older devices don't support many of the latest apps and features.

The 11-inch model is certainly easier to hold, but there's also a 13-inch iPad Air for the first time. That is Apple's most affordable large-screen iPad, and the base model is also on sale, having dropped by $45 to $754.

We gave the 13-inch model a score of 91 in our review. It's brighter (and obviously larger) than the 11-inch Air with a 600-nit screen versus a 500-nit one, but otherwise the two models are effectively identical.

Doubling the base storage, shifting the front-facing camera to the landscape edge and including support for the new Apple Pencil Pro are all plus points. Switching to the M2 chipset means that the latest iPad Air offers modest performance gains over the M1 tablet, but if you've been clinging onto an older iPad you should notice that this one is much faster than what you're used to.

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