Arlington restaurant inspections: Choctaw Stadium’s 39 concessions scored in May

Six restaurants and a nursing home had follow-up health inspections in May, and all of Choctaw Stadium’s concessions were visited, according to city data.

There were 118 inspections from May 5 to May 18.

Arlington inspections are based on a 100-point system. A score of 100 is perfect and a score of 70 is considered to be extremely poor. Re-inspections are required for restaurants that score 75 or below.

No restaurants were closed or failed. No restaurants received scores of 75 or less.

Seven restaurants had follow-up inspections:

  • Pastamasta at 2151 N. Collins St., 85

  • T’s Buka Restaurant and Catering at 2290 SE Greeb Oaks Blvd., 86

  • Taqueria Charly at 830 E. Pioneer Parkway, not scored

  • China Harbor at 3512 S. Cooper St., not scored

  • El Ranchito at 3517 S. Cooper St., 80

  • Abram Meat Market at 1610 E. Abram St., 83

  • Coral Rehabilitation and Nursing of Arlington at 1112 Gibbins Road, 84

Thirty-nine concessions and restaurants were inspected at Choctaw Stadium in the latest inspections. All the stadium’s establishments passed without follow-ups. Eleven of the concessions or restaurants scored 100, 24 of them scored over 90, and the lowest score was an 83.

Here are the inspection scores and violations for restaurants within the city limits of Arlington for May 5th - May 18th, 2024. A score of 100 is a perfect score and 70 is considered to be extremely poor. Reinspections will be conducted for restaurants that score 75 or less. If serious health and sanitation violations are considered an imminent health hazard, the restaurant will be closed until the identified health hazard has been mitigated. To search the restaurant inspections, type in a restaurant name. You can also sort by score.