Assault charges against Sask. Rivers MLA Nadine Wilson withdrawn

Two assault charges against Saskatchewan Rivers MLA Nadine Wilson have been withdrawn.

complaint against Wilson was made by 87-year-old Lorraine Kingsley Helbig — who was married to Wilson's father until his recent death, about a month after the incident — and Kingsley Helbig's son Eric Hocknes.

The situation all stemmed from a bitter family estate dispute, according to the alleged victims.

Following the brief proceedings on Wednesday afternoon, Wilson's lawyer Mark Brayford said the mediation process was important.

"That's the normal process if mediation is successful and it was in this case," he said.

"They refer some matters in criminal courts to mediation services to see whether or not they can be resolved without criminal proceedings going ahead if the person accepts responsibility."

In a statement sent to CBC Saskatoon, the Government of Saskatchewan confirmed that Wilson "will remain a member of the Government Caucus." 

"Due to the confidentiality of the alternative measure mediation plan, no further comment will be provided from Ms. Wilson on this matter," the statement noted.

The exact details of the mediation will stay confidential and Brayford said he wasn't able to make a comment on behalf of his client. Brayford said the matter with Wilson was a "classic case" where mediation would be appropriate. 

"Most people that go to mediation, whether as a complainant or as an accused, come out of it saying, 'That was helpful,' and 'That helped resolve the dispute between the parties.' So it is a very good program."

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Wilson herself wasn't present in court on Wednesday but she was present in the Saskatchewan Legislature in Regina during question period.

Wilson was first elected in 2007 and has been re-elected twice.

She has served in several roles, including as provincial secretary.

In January, she was acclaimed as the Sask. Party candidate in her riding for the next election.