Auto mechanics busy as snow ruts cause alignment challenges

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Auto mechanics busy as snow ruts cause alignment challenges

The recent record snowfall in the Calgary area is keeping mechanics busy as the huge piles of snow get turned into vehicle-damaging ruts on city streets.

Nicole Pelletier drives a small sedan and says she gets stuck a lot.

"When there's ruts, my wheels sink down and I'm usually hooped when that happens," Pelletier said.

Jimmy Waugh with Kal Tire says most of the vehicles booked for work have suspension or alignment problems.

"What can happen with your suspension is, your tie rod ends can be pushed in or pushed outward. One can be bent in while the other one is out," Waugh said.

He says sometimes a suspected alignment issue could just be dirt, snow and ice packed into the wheel wells. Problems like a steering wheel that shakes or a vehicle that pulls to one side, can sometimes be solved with a car wash.

Waugh says if spraying out the wheel wells doesn't solve the problem, getting your wheels aligned will likely be the next step.

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