This Baby Otter Was Found Crying And Alone After Losing His Mother In Storm Desmond

This adorable baby otter was found crying on a doorstep after he lost his mum during the devastating Storm Desmond floods.

The 10-week-old cub was found on the back door of a house in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries, terrified after being separated from his mother.

Heavy rain lashed Scotland last week and the tiny otter, who has been named Buddy, was looking for shelter.

Scared: Buddy was found on someone’s doorstep (PA)

Thankfully he was scooped up and taken in by the Scottish SPCA, who are nursing him back to health.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said that Buddy’s prospects would not have been good had he not been found.

Nursed back to health: The Scottish SPCA are looking after the cub (PA)

He said: “This is a very hazardous time for young otters, as they can easily be washed out of their holts by high rivers - and at that age they are not accomplished swimmers.

“If separated from their mothers, they may well perish.”

Separated: The baby otter will likely never be reunited with his mother (PA)

Buddy is now being bottle-fed milk and is happily chowing down on fish at the centre, before being introduced to three other otter cubs who were also found without their mums.

The cub, along with the three other babies named Ebb, Tide and Wave, will be introduced back into the wild after a year of being looked after.

Top pic: PA

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