Ballsy testicular cancer awareness campaign unveiled on Westminster Bridge

To commemorate Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, a testicular cancer charity has transformed London's Westminster Bridge into an eye-catching exhibit.

The charity, The OddBalls Foundation, which supports testicular cancer research, has utilised a unique feature of the 162-year-old bridge's architecture to convey a strong message to members of the public and lawmakers.

When sunlight streams through the bridge's openings, 497 penis-shaped silhouettes can be seen along the bridge pathway.

As the sun moves across the sky, the shadows progressively change. As a result of this organic development, the shadows grow from the trefoil-shaped cutouts and take on phallic forms.

 (Will Ireland/PinPep)
(Will Ireland/PinPep)

To encourage men to examine their testicles for cancer, creative agency St Marks Studios used the naturally occurring shadow phenomena for banners and billboards across the 250-metre bridge.

The posters have a QR code that leads passersby to the foundation's self-check page, where they can find out how to recognise testicular cancer signs.

According to the charity, the most prevalent cancer to strike men between the ages of 15 and 49 is testicular cancer. In the UK, almost 2,300 men receive a testicular cancer diagnosis annually – six on a daily basis.

 (Will Ireland / PinPep)
(Will Ireland / PinPep)

However, according to recently released research from The OddBalls Foundation, just 18.5 per cent of British males routinely check themselves. If they found a lump, one in five think they would be too ashamed to visit a doctor.

Kieran Kelly, foundation manager at The OddBalls Foundation, said: “We know that testicular cancer is one of the most treatable types of cancer – and is much more effective when started early. But, shockingly, just 18.5 per cent of men regularly check themselves for abnormalities.

“We urgently need the support of Government to help raise awareness of testicular cancer. This morning, as hundreds of MPs cross the bridge to the Houses Of Parliament, we hope to have reignited that conversation.”