The Beach Boys 'hope to do some music therapy' with Brian Wilson

The Beach Boys want to "do some music therapy" with Brian Wilson.

The 81-year-old singer is suffering from a "neurocognitive disorder" similar to dementia - but Bruce Johnston has revealed that he would still love to "bust a hit" with his former bandmate.

Bruce, 81, told The Times newspaper: "We should do some music therapy with Brian. He can’t bust a move, but he might just bust a hit."

Despite Brian's poor health, Mike Love is convinced that his musical talents can still shine through.

Mike said: "As long as he is alive, Brian will be able to sit at the piano and do what he does.

"He has medical supervision, he communicates with his daughters Carnie and Wendy, and you know what? We lost Dennis [Wilson] in 1983, Carl [Wilson] in 1998, and somehow the music has lasted.

"When Brian and I do get together, it really is love and harmony. And we wouldn’t have done the Beach Boys without each other."

Earlier this month, Mike expressed hope that Brian can still make new music with the band.

The 83-year-old star - who is Brian's cousin - believes his musical abilities are still intact and Mike would love to work with Brian once again.

Mike - who features in a new documentary about the band - told BBC Radio 4's 'Today' show: "We got together at Paradise Cove (in Los Angeles) at the end of the documentary.

"He was remembering things I’d forgotten about our high school days. His long-term memory is right there.

"His musical abilities, as long as he’s alive he’ll have those, but he does need medical supervision and care. His wife did take care of that."

Mike also intends to see his former bandmate in the near future.

He said: "[Brian] knows that he needs the help but we’re still able to get together and we‘re going to see each other soon.

"It’s not so negative as it sounds. As long as he’s cared for properly."