Beach Boys star Brian Wilson warned his daughter to 'watch out for the sharks' when she got famous

Brian Wilson told his daughter to "watch out for the sharks" when she entered the music industry.

The 81-year-old singer had already enjoyed massive success with the Beach Boys when his eldest daughter Carnie - who he has with ex-wife Marilyn Rutherford - founded the pop trio Wilson Phillips with her younger sister Wendy as well as Chynna Phillips, and she has now revealed that her dad was quick to give her sound advice when she sought fame.

Carnie told Fox News Digital: "He said, ‘Watch out for the sharks,’ He didn’t give me much advice other than a business thing like, ‘Watch out for the people that try to get you,’ and that was his advice. He was more like – he taught me some music stuff, you know?"

The 'Hold On' hitmaker - who achieved a string of high-charting singles with her band in the 1990s and got back together with them in 2010 - added that her mother was always keen to instil a sense of "karma" into her and made sure that she felt "compassion" for others.

She said: "She talked about karma a lot growing up. She talked about being compassionate and loving people and spreading positivity, you know, and keeping an optimistic attitude. She sees the world as glass half full, and I do, too."

Carnie has been married to producer Robert Bonfiglio for almost 25 years and the couple have Lola, 18, as well as 14-year-old Luciana together and she is keen to navigate the teenage years of her children by sharing what she has learned over the years.

She said: "You always have that teenage phase where everything’s dramatic and ‘Oh, it’s never going to be better,’ but it will.

"I’m always sharing what I learned and to believe in yourself; and know that no one’s perfect; and every day you have to try to be a good person; and just try your best and believe that – have visions of what you want and not letting anybody say that you can’t do something."