Beautiful black-throated blue warbler captured at oriole feeder

The black-throated blue warbler is a spectacular bird that delights bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. A rare sight at the back yard feeder, this little fellow was migrating north for the summer when he decided to stop for some orange treats. These warblers spend their winters in the Caribbean and their summers in North America. The feeder had been set up for orioles that also make their way to Ontario, Canada and nest here for the spring and summer. Orioles will frequent their favourite feeders and will even bring their young to feed once they have grown accustomed to a steady supply of treats. The black-throated blue warblers are typically insect eaters, frequenting the lower canopy of the forests and picking insects off the underside of leaves. They prefer caterpillars, crane flies, and spiders. They also eat berries and seeds in winter months. Black-throated blue warblers are generally monogamous birds and the male will often follow the female once he has mated with her to prevent fertilization by another male. This is known as "mate guarding". If a female allows a second male to mate with her, she is less likely to receive help from the male later as she protects her eggs and cares for the young.