Beloved sloth has gone from baby to a first-time mom herself. See ‘precious’ newborn

A beloved sloth who was born at a Rhode Island zoo now has a newborn baby of her own — and those who have followed her journey are overjoyed.

Beanie the sloth became a first-time mom when she gave birth to baby Nico, Roger Williams Park Zoo & Carousel Village said on social media on Tuesday, April 2.

“We have some exciting news to share — the RWPZoo family just got a whole lot cuter!” the Providence zoo said in posts on Facebook and Instagram. “Meet Nico, the adorable Linne’s two-toed sloth born on March 7th to first-time mom Beanie and dad Riley.”

Photos and a video show the newborn resting on a sloth-shaped plushie.

“Beanie is a natural mom, lovingly caring for her little one,” zoo officials said. “While Nico enjoys cuddling close most of the time, feel free to visit our rainforest for a chance to spot this sweet duo!”

Sloths are born “ready to face the world with eyes open, sharp claws, and fully formed teeth,” according to The Sloth Conservation Foundation. But they “instinctively cling to (their) mother’s fur immediately after birth” and basically stay there for six months until they start to become more independent, the foundation said.

Sloth mothers typically raise their young alone, but Beanie will have lots of help from zoo staff.

“Our dedicated zookeepers and veterinarians are showering mom and baby with care,” zoo officials said. “Daily weight checks and close monitoring ensure Nico and Beanie are happy and healthy.”

Several people said they still remembered when Beanie herself was a newborn at the zoo back in 2020.

“It seems like Beanie was just the baby! How sweet,” someone said in the comments on Facebook.

Beanie was the first sloth born at this zoo, according to an October Facebook post. Zoo staff said she is their “most adventurous and independent sloth!”

And of course several people couldn’t believe how cute Nico is.

“What a sweet little guy. Seeing him makes you just want to snuggle with him,” someone said. “Precious!!!”

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