Ben Affleck and J.Lo Disagree on "Finances," Sources Say He's "Worn Down" and "Checked Out"

celebrity sightings in europe july 28, 2021
Ben Affleck and J.Lo Disagree on "Finances"MEGA - Getty Images

Update on where Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck stand amid divorce speculation: apparently things are still iffy. An array of insiders tell Us Weekly that Ben's been checked out, they've been arguing over finances, and the honeymoon phase is...over.

A source close to the Atlas star says tension started a few months ago: “Jennifer had started ramping up her work commitments and prepping for her tour. She’s very focused on work and overextends herself.”

Meanwhile, Ben “doesn’t agree with Jennifer’s lifestyle” and is “worn down” by the marriage: “He’s been checked out,” the insider says, adding that the couple are on “two completely different pages most of the time. The honeymoon phase has worn off.”

celebrity sightings in europe july 28, 2021
MEGA - Getty Images

Another person ~in the know~ says Bennifer mutually decided to spend time apart to figure out "whether or not the relationship is right for both of them," while yet another anon source (truly everyone has something to say!) notes their busy work schedules are an issue: "Over time, Jennifer and Ben found it increasingly difficult to communicate effectively, and small misunderstandings grew into significant arguments.”

Meanwhile, things like disagreements over finances “have exacerbated” their problems. But! Despite all that, J.Lo is “committed to working on the marriage” and Ben's starting to “invest more” after struggling with "loneliness" and realizing "how much he misses Jen.”

For now, these two have been keeping in touch "primarily to discuss essential matters and updates," butttt...hopefully things improve?

TBD on where J.Lo and Ben go from here, but fingers crossed they can work things out.

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