Benedict Cumberbatch gives verdict on Andrew Scott’s Ripley performance

Benedict Cumberbatch has given his verdict on Andrew Scott’s performance in the Netflix adaptation of The Talented Mr Ripley.

Cumberbatch, who worked alongside the All of Us Strangers actor Scott on BBC’s Sherlock from 2010 to 2017, has said that he was “blown away” by his former colleagues’ performance in the thriller series, titled Ripley.

Speaking at the premiere for the forthcoming Netflix thriller series, Eric, which stars Cumberbatch as a father searching for his missing nine-year-old son, the actor was asked about his current viewing habits when he replied: “Obviously Ripley.”

“Because of Andrew, a dear friend, and I’m always just blown away by his artistry and always learning by watching him.

He continued: “I just love the fact I can say he’s a friend and I’m supporting him as well. He’s just extraordinary.”

The eight-part miniseries, based on the 1955 Patricia Highsmith psychological thriller, is the latest adaptation since the hit film of the same name starring Matt Damon in 1999. Fleabag actor Scott plays the infamous conman as he attempts to infiltrate a world of glamour and wealth.

Andrew Scott in ‘Ripley’ (© 2024 Netflix, Inc.)
Andrew Scott in ‘Ripley’ (© 2024 Netflix, Inc.)

Despite Cumberbatch’s glowing review and widespread critical appreciation, viewers were left divided by the series, with some saying they switched off from the series due to it being shot entirely in black and white.

“I didn’t last the first episode. The cinematography is so annoying,” said one viewer.

Scott and Cumberbatch pictured together in 2017 (Getty Images)
Scott and Cumberbatch pictured together in 2017 (Getty Images)

“Black and white is a good way to keep the budget down but adds nothing,” said one viewer.

Writer-director Steve Zallian revealed that the decision to film entirely in black and white was one made early on, and was inspired by an edition of the Ripley book that he owned.

“The edition of the Ripley book I had on my desk had an evocative black-and-white photograph on the cover,” he told Vanity Fair.

Andrew Scott as Thomas Ripley (Netflix)
Andrew Scott as Thomas Ripley (Netflix)

“As I was writing, I held that image in my mind. Black and white fits this story–and it’s gorgeous.”

Jude Law, who originated the role of Dickie in Anthony Minghella’s 1999 movie, has said that the Netflix adaptation “couldn’t be further” from the film adaptation that he starred in.

“Both versions reflect the director in many ways. One is visual, colourful, and romantic. The other is quite forensic and more sinister. Film, to me, often reflects the person at the helm of the camera.”

He explained: “Steve Zaillian’s [version], in many ways, couldn’t be further from Anthony’s.”

“It’s very interesting to see what scenes and threads still come to the surface, even if they are very different stylistically and in their pacing.”.

Ripley is now streaming on Netflix.