Best Buy Memorial Day sale: early TV, laptop, and appliance deals

While Memorial Day is still several days away, there are a lot of excellent early Memorial Day deals you can pick up right now from Best Buy. That includes everything from the best TVs, the best Phones, the best Air Fryers, and even the best smart home devices out there, so you have a huge variety of deals to pick from. Of course, there is an overwhelming number of options out there, which is why we’ve scoured Best Buy for our favorite deals in various categories and collected them all below, so be sure to check out everything in detail.

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Best Best Buy Memorial Day TV Deals

2024 TCL QM85 4K mini-LED TV.

Probably the centerpiece of a lot of living rooms, TVs have become a staple of the modern home; offering a great way to consume content and stay up to date with things that are happening around the world. Of course, they’re also great options if you want to game, especially if you’re on a gaming PC, PS5, or Xbox Series X|S, and you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of excellent TV deals for gaming as well. Either way, we’ve gone out and found some of our favorite early Memorial Day TV deals and put them below for you.

Best Best Buy Memorial Day Apple Deals

Person using 2024 iPad Air 13-inch with Apple Pencil Pro.

Apple makes a lot of excellent products, and its ecosystem is great for those who want something simple and streamlined. That said, Apple is a premium brand with premium prices, so if you want to grab something from Apple, then these early Memorial Day deals are the ones to go for. There are quite a lot of great Apple deals we’ve been able to find and collect below, and we did spread the picks out to include some Apple iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple earbuds so that you have a good variety to pick from.

Best Best Buy Memorial Day Tablet Deals

Three Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2024 tablets next to each other, in mint, pink, and black.

While tablets aren’t as integral to our lives as something like a phone, they can offer a lot of versatility depending on your usage. For some, they’re a great alternative to a big and bulky laptop and can work perfectly for consuming content and even getting some work done. With so many great tablet deals floating around as part of Best Buy’s Memorial Day sale, it can be hard to pick the best ones, but we’ve done our best to pick a good spread of tablets across various budgets.

Best Best Buy Memorial Day Phone Deals

The back of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Xiaomi 14 Ultra.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Almost everybody has a phone these days, and they’ve become an integral part of our lives, even if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t really spend that much time on one. That said, if you’re looking to upgrade to something a bit newer, there are a lot of great phone deals you can grab from Best Buy as part of its early Memorial Day sale. That includes some really solid budget-friendly options, as well as the moderately priced Motorola razr foldable flip phone, which is probably one of the cheapest foldable phones you’re going to find.

Best Best Buy Memorial Day Laptop Deals

Woman using a laptop on the floor.

Laptops have become an important part of daily life, especially if you’re the sort of person who relies on one to get school or business work done, use it to watch, consume content, or even to journal and write content. Luckily, even the best laptops have some good deals, but if you don’t need anything fancy, there are a lot of solid budget options, too, including from some of the best laptop brands on the market. So, be sure to take advantage of these early Memorial Day laptop deals.

Best Best Buy Memorial Day Soundbar Deals

Samsung S95D 4K OLED TV.

If you already own a great TV, then the next great upgrade you can do is buy a solid soundbar, even one that’s on the more budget-friendly side. That’s because you get much more volume, depth, and fidelity with a soundbar than relying on the built-in TV speakers. There are also a lot of excellent soundbar deals as part of the early Memorial Day sales, so if you’ve been really wanting to pick a soundbar up, now is the perfect time.

Best Best Buy Memorial Day Smart Home Deals

The Nest Thermostat E installed on a wall.

There’s a lot to love about the convenience of smart home devices, especially if you’re already within a specific ecosystem and want to build out your network of smart devices. To that end, these early Memorial Day deals are a good opportunity to do so and include everything from smart thermostats to smart speakers like the Amazon Echo. Luckily, there is good representation in terms of deals on both Google and Amazon devices, although there are a couple of other options if you’re system-agnostic.

  • Blink Mini Indoor 1080p Wireless Security Camera (2-Pack) —

  • Google Nest Temperature Sensor — $36, was $40

  • Amazon Echo (4th Gen) — $65, was $100

  • Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids (3rd Generation) — $75, was $100

  • Blink Outdoor 4 1080p Security Camera with Floodlight — $78, was $130

  • Blink Outdoor 4 Camera Wireless 1080p Security System (2-pack) — $100, was $180

  • Ring Floodlight Cam Plus — $140, was $$200

  • Honeywell Home T9 Smart Programmable Touch-Screen Wi-Fi Thermostat — $171, $210

  • Google Nest Learning Smart — $180, was $250

  • Ecobee Premium Smart Programmable Touch-Screen Thermostat —

  • Google Nest Cam (3-pack) — $390, was $450

Best Best Buy Memorial Day Small Appliance Deals

TheNinja FD401 LP3 Foodi 12-in-1 Deluxe XL 8 qt. Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer and its components on a kitchen counter.

Big sale events like Memorial Day are the perfect time to pick up a small appliance for your kitchen, and these early deals are perfect for those who really can’t wait. There are a lot of great deals available, including some excellent air fryers, coffee makers, and even larger air fryer ovens. As such, you can really kit out your kitchen with so many budget-friendly options that we’re currently seeing.

Other Best Buy Memorial Day Deals Worth Talking About

Jackery Explorer 290 portable power station in use while camping.

With so many great deals floating around for Memorial Day, it’s hard to fit all the good stuff in specific categories like we have above. That’s why we’ve created this one for various great deals that you might want to check out, and that includes everything from shop vacs to Sony’s Alpha 7 IV, one of the best cameras on the market.