Best Buy has a Samsung 75-inch TV for only $700 today

The Samsung Q80C placed in a living room on a TV stand.

If you’ve been waiting to buy a 75-inch TV for less, check out the TV deals that Best Buy has to offer at the moment. Today, you can buy a Samsung 75-inch DU7200 4K TV for $700 instead of $750. It may only be a modest $50 discount but that’s mostly because $750 for a 75-inch TV from a reputable brand was already great value. Being able to go even further and save $50 on it simply sweetens the deal. If you’re keen to upgrade to a delightfully huge 75-inch TV, this is a good opportunity to do so. Here’s what to expect from the TV.

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Why you should buy the Samsung 75-inch DU7200 4K TV

One of the best TV brands you can buy from, Samsung makes sure that all its TVs are packed with the best features possible for the price. With the Samsung 75-inch DU7200 4K TV, you get PurColor which provides you with a wider spectrum of colors than traditional RGB models. It also has Mega Contrast which automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast as you watch, reducing the difference between light and dark scenes so that objects on screen stand out more.

Elsewhere, there’s HDR as you would expect so you get ideal levels of detail, while there’s Motion Xcelerator which cuts down on lag and motion blur, improving motion between frames for a more seamless image. Even if you’re watching HD content, you can enjoy 4K upscaling so everything looks clearer. Samsung’s Crystal Processor 4K means it does all the background work seamlessly while you can easily scroll through Samsung Tizen OS to find what you plan on watching next. Such an operating system is also on some of the best TVs so you’re in good hands here.

Further adding to reasons to love the Samsung 75-inch DU7200 4K TV, it also has Q Symphony support so you can pair it with a Q Series or S Series soundbar and enjoy far superior sound than before. It all comes together nicely to form a great 4K TV at this price.

The Samsung 75-inch DU7200 4K TV normally costs $750 but right now, you can buy it for $700 at Best Buy so you’re saving $50. The modest saving soon adds up on something which is such great value anyhow. Check it out now before the deal ends very soon.

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