Best Prime Day 4K TV deals: What to expect in 2024

The Sony X80K Series 4K Google TV on a white background.
The Sony X80K Series 4K Google TV on a white background.

Prime Day is one of the most highly anticipated shopping events each year, and if you’ve been looking forward to it because you want to enjoy a huge discount when buying a 4K TV, it’s time to prepare yourself as it’s expected to happen in July. For everything that you need to know about shopping for Prime Day 4K TV deals, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re going to go through all the offers that are available right now and all the information that you should have ahead of the shopping holiday. You may always want to check out what else will be available from this year’s Prime Day deals.

Today’s best 4K TV deals

The Samsung S90C in a living room environment.
The Samsung S90C in a living room environment.

You have until July to prepare for this year’s Prime Day 4K TV deals, though we’re still not sure when Amazon’s shopping event will start. If you can no longer wait for it, there are some bargains that you can shop right now. There’s a chance that the discounts will be larger when Prime Day arrives, but if you have to purchase a new TV immediately to replace a broken screen or to fill an empty room, take a look at our roundup of our favorite TV deals below.

When do the Prime Day 4K TV deals start?

Amazon’s Prime Day 2024 is expected to run in July, but there’s no official announcement yet on the exact date. There should be early sales for 4K TVs ahead of Prime Day though, not just from Amazon but also from other retailers who will try to take advantage of the elevated online shopping activity. You’re going to want to bookmark this page if you want to keep updated not just on when Prime Day will happen, but also on the best Prime Day 4K TV deals that we’ll come across.

Is Prime Day a good time to buy a 4K TV?

If we take a look at the past Prime Days, we expect more of the same this year — lots of bargains with fantastic discounts involving popular brands. Prime Day 4K TV deals will be your best bet for impressive offers from Amazon, rival retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, and manufacturers like Samsung and Sony. You’re going to have to wait for a month before you’re able to take advantage of the lowered prices though, and we guarantee that they will be worth it.

How to choose a 4K TV on Prime Day 2024

The Amazon Fire TV Omni Series with the Fire TV platform on the screen.
The Amazon Fire TV Omni Series with the Fire TV platform on the screen.

There’s bound to be an overwhelming number of Prime Day 4K TV deals, so it will be tough to narrow down your options. However, we’re here to help you out on how to choose the 4K TV that you’ll buy, so that you won’t spend all of your time going through hundreds of offers.

First and foremost, it’s highly recommended that you check out our list of the best TV brands. While some unknown brands may carry extremely cheap prices, we’re not sure if the quality of their 4K TVs will be up to par, and there’s a chance that they won’t be durable enough to last for years. If you go for a tried-and-tested brand, not only will you get a warranty for your purchase, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the latest features.

Speaking of features, you should be on the lookout for what you think you’ll be able to maximize. Most families will want a smart TV to be able to access the most popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and the platforms that enables these capabilities usually also allow you to pair them with digital assistants so that you can use voice commands.

There are different types of 4K TVs, with QLED TVs and OLED TVs among the latest technologies found in them. You’re going to want to check out our QLED TV versus OLED TV comparison if you’re choosing between them, but you should also consult our guide on how to figure out what size TV you should buy to make sure that you have enough space for your new screen.

Last but not least, you’re going to want to set a maximum budget for your new 4K TV, and you should buy the best TV that you can get for it. Fortunately, with the savings that are available during Prime Day, your money will get you further than before. It’s all a matter of lining up your priorities and following the criteria that we’ve set above to end up with the perfect choice for your next 4K TV.