The best - and the worst - of Canada’s weather this week

The forecast is cold and snowy for many of the provinces this week which is why Vancouver is the city that we all will be wishing we lived in. According to AccuWeather and The Weather Network, the temperatures are going to be above average and will be into the upper single digits and even into the low to mid teens making it the city with the best weather in the country.

As for the worst weather this week, Calgary has the dubious honour of holding that title. There will be significant snowfall early in the week followed by extremely cold temperatures later on. The mountain areas may be looking at 20-40 cm of snow, which is at least a plus for the ski resorts and those that enjoy winter sports.

As for Toronto, we've got some good and bad news. The good news is that a powerful snow storm that was headed for Ontario has veered out of the way. The bad news is that it's going to be bitterly cold at the beginning of the week, feeling more like raw February conditions. The temperatures should rise by the end of the week - but at least there's not going to be any snow!

Check back next week to see if your city will have the best or the worst weather!

Are you ready for winter to be over?