Beware: These massive spiders lurk in Canada

It's not every day that you see a spider with its body comparable to the size of a nickel, but it's one of Canada's largest spiders -- the dock spider!

They are also called wharf spiders or fishing spiders.

Nathan Coleman - dock spider2
Nathan Coleman - dock spider2

There are five varieties of dock spiders which reside near rivers, streams, ponds, marshes and reservoir | Nathan Coleman

They can grow up to nine centimetres, and while they do try to steer clear of humans, they can bite if you get too close. Experts say, the bite is comparable to that of a bee sting.

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These spiders don’t spin webs to catch their prey, but lurk over water surfaces and can sense vibrations before they strike. You don't necessarily need a dock to see them, either. Standing water in things like wheelbarrows or outdoor kid pools after a rain storm can attract them.

Watch the video above for more on a recent encounter with a large dock spider.