Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons admits the only way he'll play Sheldon Cooper again

jim parsons, the big bang theory, season 10
Parsons reveals only way he'll play Sheldon againCBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons has revealed the only way he'll return to the role of Sheldon Cooper again – and we wouldn’t hold out hope.

The actor played the iconic role across all seasons of the comedy show, and also appeared recently in spin-off series Young Sheldon's finale (which he also narrates).

However, when asked by E! News whether he would ever do a Big Bang Theory sequel, Parsons admitted it would only happen through "reincarnation" in the "next lifetime".

jim parsons
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"Look, never say never to anything," he added. "Life is long, God willing. But I don't think so."

During the chat, the actor also spoke about his recent appearance in Young Sheldon, admitting "it was very, very special to do that".

"The feeling today is kind of odd, you know? It's the second time now, because when we ended The Big Bang Theory, it felt like this, too. A little bit different," he added.

"You shoot that final episode and it's wrapped for you, and then a couple of months later, it wraps for the rest of the world and it's a very weird feeling to flood over you again like that."

jim parsons, the big bang theory, season 10
CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

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Following the conclusion of Young Sheldon, executive producer Steve Holland revealed some Easter eggs that fans may have missed.

Meanwhile, the franchise is set to continue in new spin-off show Georgie & Mandy's First Marriage, which focuses on characters Georgie Cooper and Mandy McAllister.

As well as stars Montana Jordan and Emily Osment, the series will also see the returns of Will Sasso and Rachel Bay Jones as Mandy's parents Jim and Audrey McAllister.

Young Sheldon airs on CBS in the US and E4 in the UK, while you can buy The Big Bang Theory complete boxset now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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