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'Big Brother Canada' Season 12: Victoria 'Spicy Vee' Woghiren says Anthony Douglas needed to 'man up'

"Honestly, I was just sick of the crap," the reality TV star said

Victoria "Spicy Vee" and Lexus await eviction results on Big Brother Canada Season 12 (Joanna Bell/Corus Entertainment)

The all-stars have turned on each other on Big Brother Canada Season 12. Victoria "Spicy Vee" Woghiren had to leave the house after fellow all-star, Anthony Douglas, orchestrated a plan to get her evicted, with a backdoor move that left Woghiren feeling "shocked" and "sad."

"I never thought I would be leaving on Anthony's HoH [Head of Household]," she told Yahoo Canada. "So it's definitely a tough pill to swallow."

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Toddd Clements, from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Nfld., was initially on the block, with Lexus Jackson from Toronto. When Clements won POV (Power of Veto), Douglas replaced him with Woghiren, but she wasn't taking it without a fight, lashing out at Douglas.

"Honestly, I was just sick of the crap, he just kept on lying and saying, 'You're going up for this reason and I heard this from this person,' like shut up. Just get to the point that I'm a great competitor. I'm a great social strategist in this game and you're scared of me," Woghiren said, remembering the argument. "You don't need to be pulling all the tricks out of your pocket. Man up. You're six-foot-five and 300 pounds. This is ridiculous."

"I'm putting pieces together and he's not the loyal, honest person that I thought he was going into the house."

Victoria "Spicy Vee" exits Big Brother Canada Season 12 (Joanna Bell/Corus Entertainment)

With this being Woghiren's second time on Big Brother Canada (originally on Season 9), she found the main differences did come down to the cast.

"Going in there and seeing people who looked like me, seeing people who are like me and wanted to play like me, other strong females I was surrounded with," she highlighted. "I had many people I wanted to work with, many people who wanted to work with me, which I didn't have on my first season."

But in terms of her strategy on Season 12, Woghiren believes she shouldn't have been so loyal to so many people.

"I just love so many people, wanted to work with so many people, that when the numbers started getting lower, people started noticing that I was working with a lot of people," she explained. "Then people started to question [my real loyalty]."

Now moving to jury, Woghiren identified that her vote will depend on the houseguest with the most honesty.

"I really just want to vote for someone who can be honest and upfront about the game they played," she identified.

"I want to hear the truth. I don't want people to be hiding behind other people's words and other people's actions. Own up to the game you played, the moves you've made, because that's why you're sitting there."