Everything we learned from Big Brother presenter Will Best's chaotic flat tour

He and girlfriend Tobi Rose are on the hunt for a new home.

AJ Odudu and Will Best behind the scenes at the filming of the new Big Brother promo. (ITV)
Big Brother presenters AJ Odudu and Will Best. (ITV)

Big Brother presenter Will Best treated TikTok users to a tour of his flat this week, after deciding to sell up and buy a house with girlfriend Tobi Rose.

In a chaotic video uploaded yesterday (May 3), he started off by explaining the situation while chilling out on the sofa beside his pet dog Sandwich.

"I've reached a pretty massive life crossroads and I've made a huge decision," shared Will. "As of now I'm officially entering the housing market. I'm selling my flat and I'm buying a new house, and I'm taking you with me! We're going house-hunting! I'm gonna start by showing you why I've got to exit my lovely Hackney home..."

The TV star, whose first presenting gig came in 2010 when he worked on Suck My Pop alongside Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh, then proceeded to blitz round the apartment's various rooms, offering amusing insights on why he needs to move.

"I live with a clothes rail!" he declared, showing his TikTok audience a handsomely packed rail on wheels pushed up against a wall.

"[It's] permanently out in the living room and kitchen. Like, I'm just constantly looking at coats! It's not sustainable but this is what happens when you live with a stylist."

This appeared to be just the tip of the iceberg of his clothing nightmare, though, as Will went on to reveal that the entirety of his wearable belongings must be stuffed into one insubstantial nook.

"There's only one draw! Where do my pants go?!" he stressed, before quipping how Tobi claims "all the large cupboard space" in their flat, including under the raised bed.

Further along the social media clip, Will feigned apoplexy about the fact his many front-cover magazine shoots couldn't be properly displayed.

Skimming through a couple of them on a wooden stand, he commented: "I've had to put the magazine covers of me and AJ [Odudu, Big Brother co-presenter] just like in a corner. They need their own flippin' temple!"

Having sarcastically shown off his partner's dollhouse that he'd been forced to stick on a "sh**** shelf", Will also suggested that he deserved his own alcoholic drinks bar.

"I'm literally the founder of a cocktail drink's company but my drinks section is just..." he stated, pointing at a unit's shelf stocked with the odd bottle of booze. "I need a trolley, I need a bar!"

Together with his university friend Harry Farnham, Will launched Bloody Drinks in 2019 - a specialist in canned Bloody Marys; supplying nuts, tote bags and variations of salt on their website too.

Fingers crossed his next pad is a little less claustrophobic.