Big Brother's Yinrun clarifies name change in recent TV appearance

Big Brother star Yinrun Huang has clarified her name change during a recent appearance on The 1% Club.

The star, who rose to fame last year as a housemate on the rebooted series on ITV, appeared over the weekend (May 25) on the game show hosted by Lee Mack.

However, during the episode – which was filmed prior to her stint on Big Brother – the star was referred to as "Runrun" multiple times by Mack, which has led to a backlash online.

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During an Instagram Q&A, Yinrun has now addressed the name she was referred to as, saying producers asked if they could use the name after it was written to her on a tablet before filming was about to begin.

"This was a name I was given on my tablet and because it was about to start filming, they asked if it was okay for me to keep it as it was – which I didn't mind," she said. "So please don't worry everyone. I'm fine with Runrun."

Yinrun added that she had "a lot of fun" doing the show and "all the staff were super friendly and nice".

Prior to the broadcast, the star confirmed to followers that she would be referred to by another name.

big brother's yinrun huang on the 1 percent club

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"Just in case anyone is confused, I was given the name ‘Runrun’ on the show, but it’s still me, I don’t have a twin," she wrote on Instagram.

However, many viewers hit out at the change online, one writing on X (formerly Twitter): "It is stupid she had to be named 'Runrun' for pronunciation reasons."

"So so grim that a TV show Yinrun was on changed her name to 'Runrun' bc it’s 'easier to say'," another added. "Yinrun is easier to say than a lot of common British names. Really f**king icky tbh."

"That’s just not right. So disrespectful," a third said, while a fourth added: "I’m sorry that is so offensive."

Big Brother will return on ITV2 and ITVX. The 1% Club airs on ITV1.

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