The Biggest Celebrity Hair Changes of 2024

Nina Westervelt/Getty Images

From Zendaya’s avant-garde Hepburn bangs to J.Lo’s Parisian bob, there are so many celebrity hair changes it's hard to keep track. But isn’t that always the case? One day your favorite celebrity is blonde. The next, their hair is brown. And then they have a bob!

Fortunately, Glamour has taken it upon ourselves to do a roundup of the best celebrity hair changes so you don't have to drive yourself nuts trying to keep up with your faves. So whether you're looking for long bob inspo from Jennifer Aniston, Penélope Cruz, or Selena Gomez, want Brigitte Bardot–inspired bangs like Lana Del Rey, or are considering going platinum à la Becky G's do, you're officially good to go…to the salon, with lots and lots of hair inspo. And yes, lots and lots of Zendaya.

Ahead, see all of the biggest A-list hair transformations of 2024, and get ready to screenshot and show your stylist. Oh, and be sure to check back in throughout the year for even more haircut and color ideas. This is investigative journalism, after all.