Bike Windsor Essex launches new self-guided tour app

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Bike Windsor Essex launches new self-guided tour app

A self-guided urban art tour app created by Bike Windsor Essex allows cyclists to follow a route through the city to discover its graffiti alleys, local sculptures and other hidden treasures.

There are 88 different stops between Drouillard Road and Pelissier Street. Each stop on the app includes the author's name and a description of the artwork.

"I think that the app really raises awareness of what we have, the jewels and the gems and the crazy, queer, weird, fun spots that we have in the city of Windsor," said Lori Newton, director of Bike Windsor Essex.

Newton says they created this app because they felt there was a need to celebrate cycling in the city.

"We are leading that charge and we are hoping that others will also see the benefits of that," she explained.

Not only is this a chance for more exercise, but also a great opportunity to look at local artwork, said organizers.

Jenn Escott is a board member with Bike Windsor Essex, she said the bike tour took a long time to complete but was well worth it.

"Basically every single piece had to be photographed, we had to track down the artists ... and we also had to discover a route that was relatively safe," she said.

The app is free and is available for Android or Apple products. If you aren't keen on going alone, Bike Windsor Essex will also be hosting community group tours in the upcoming months.

More maps could be rolling in

Moving forward, members of Bike Windsor Essex said they would be interested in putting together a historical bike tour, but the group will need to find photographers and historians willing to volunteer their time.

The urban art man is just one of the projects Bike Windsor Essex has been working on.

The group also made an interactive map of proposed cycling infrastructure that provides the locations, costs and other details of each proposed project.