Who is Bill Nye’s Wife? All About Liza Mundy

Bill Nye and his wife, Liza Mundy, quietly married in 2022

<p>Michael Buckner/Variety/Getty</p> Liza Mundy and Bill Nye at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in 2022.

Michael Buckner/Variety/Getty

Liza Mundy and Bill Nye at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in 2022.

Bill Nye and his wife, Liza Mundy, can thank his mother for bringing them together — but not in the way fans might think.

Mundy, a writer and journalist, wrote about Nye’s mother Jacqueline — a World War II codebreaker — in one of her books, prompting “The Science Guy” to look her up and send her an email. The effort paid off: Five years after the book's release, the scientist and reporter wed in a quiet ceremony in May 2022.

While Nye and Mundy keep their marriage out of the spotlight, their union is that of two powerhouses. Nye has been a fixture on TV since the ’90s, most memorably with Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Mundy is an accomplished writer and reporter who frequently appears on TV.

So who is Bill Nye's wife? Here’s everything to know about Liza Mundy and her relationship with the science star.

She went to Princeton

<p>Monica Schipper/Getty</p> Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2022.

Monica Schipper/Getty

Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2022.

As noted in her LinkedIn profile, Mundy received a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in 1982 and she went on to earn a master’s in English literature from the University of Virginia in 1989.

Meanwhile, Nye attended Cornell University, where he studied at the College of Engineering and graduated in 1977.

She is a journalist

<p>Rob Kim/Getty</p> Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2022.

Rob Kim/Getty

Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2022.

Mundy, a former reporter for The Washington Post, has also written for a variety of publications including The Atlantic, Slate and Politico, and frequently appears on TV and radio, including on Good Morning America and Fresh Air.

Mundy has written extensively about women in politics, including pieces on the women of the Senate, a look back at the Monica Lewinsky scandal and a piece about Elizabeth Warren.

At The Washington Post, she wrote about motherhood and relationships, reviewed books and wrote profiles on former vice president Al Gore and then-Democratic primary frontrunner Barack Obama, among many other pieces.

As she shared on her website, Mundy has written “full-time, part-time, all-night, at home, in the office, remotely, in person, on trains, in the car, alone, with other people, under duress, and while simultaneously making dinner.”

According to her official bio, Mundy is considered “one of the nation’s foremost experts on women, work, and national security issues.” She was a senior fellow with New America’s Better Life Lab, a think tank that focuses on public policy issues, like education, global politics, technology and democracy, political reform and family economic security.

She’s a New York Times best-selling writer

<p>Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis/Getty</p> Liza Mundy in 2008.

Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis/Getty

Liza Mundy in 2008.

Mundy is the author of four books, including the project that brought her and Nye together, titled Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II.

Code Girls, which was published in 2017, has sold over 200,000 copies and been translated into more than 10 languages, shining light on the women and their exceptionally important work. but Mundy encountered some resistance at first.

“When I was getting started researching Code Girls, and when I was, in fact, shopping the book proposal to editors in New York, apparently one of the editors said that he thought that it was a great story, but that he felt that it might be thin beer, because so much time had passed since World War II,” Mundy said in a conversation at the Library of Congress in 2018.

She continued, “If there were any women codebreakers out there, they would be in their mid-90's ... maybe wouldn't remember much, maybe there wouldn't be much of a record since it was top secret work. So, I literally got up every day during my research and thought, ‘I'll show you thin beer.’ ”

Mundy’s most recent book, The Sisterhood: The Secret History of Women at the CIA, was released in October 2023.

They met via her book

<p>I Hasegawa/HNW-Photo/Plux/Shutterstock</p> Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2019.

I Hasegawa/HNW-Photo/Plux/Shutterstock

Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2019.

As PEOPLE previously reported, Mundy mentioned Nye’s mother, Jacqueline Jenkins-Nye, in her book Code Girls. After hearing about it, Nye got in touch with Mundy and the two began their relationship via email.

In addition to highlighting the women's contributions to the war effort, she also wanted to remind the world that it wasn't the first time they were involved in the world of STEM.

“Women pioneered the field ... it’s really important to remember that STEM isn’t a new thing,” Mundy shared in an interview about the book with the National WWII Museum in 2020. “This is a home field for girls and women. Don’t let anybody tell you differently.”

In 2019, Mundy and Nye appeared at a Library of Congress event honoring the code breakers; Nye spoke about his mother’s contributions, while Mundy talked about the women who inspired the book, the families who carry on their legacy and the Library’s contributions to her research.

“I can't help but feel that the Code Girls were part of the larger story of the United States,” Nye said. “They faced a worldwide crisis, and they resolved it. And as the son of Lieutenant Jenkins, and later, Dr. Jenkins-Nye — she hyphenated her name — I believe strongly in using our intellect and treasure to resolve our global challenges facing us today.”

Nye and Mundy married in 2022

<p>Jamie McCarthy/Getty</p> Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2022.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2022.

The pair tied the knot in late May at the Castle Building's Haupt Garden at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., with Star Trek star Robert Picardo as officiant and White House photographer Pete Souza behind the camera.

Mundy wore a white satin gown with a high-low train and carried a bouquet of orange and white flowers. Meanwhile, Nye donned a tuxedo with an orange flower pinned at his lapel, a pair of heirloom cufflinks from his father and one of his signature bowties.

The couple wrote their own vows, which were described by a guest as “equal parts moving and comical,” and their first dance was to Sam Cooke’s version of “What a Wonderful World.” Mundy swapped her heels for a pair of glittery sneakers for the dance.

Mindy’s daughter, Anna, gave a toast alongside Nye’s brother and childhood friend. (Mindy also has a son from a previous marriage.)

They keep their relationship private

<p>Paras Griffin/Getty</p> Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2022.

Paras Griffin/Getty

Liza Mundy and Bill Nye in 2022.

Despite their high-profile careers, he and his wife enjoy their relationship in private.

They occasionally step out to events and premieres together, including the debut of Nye’s show The End is Nye and the Creative Arts Emmys, but Mundy does not appear on Nye’s Instagram. He also doesn’t frequently discuss his marriage, except to call his wife “very smart and funny.”

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