Birthday party, limousine ride, house parties lead to more COVID-19 fines

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Vancouver police say several fines were issued over the weekend after officers were called to break up four separate gatherings, all of which violated provincial COVID-19 protocols.

On Friday night, police were called to a downtown party after a concerned mother said her teenaged daughter and several other youth were at a party with adults where the parent suspected drug use, according to a statement posted to the Vancouver police website Monday.

Officers found 16 people from different households inside the condo in question, the statement said. Officers broke up the party and issued a $2,300 violation ticket to the primary resident and the teenaged girls were released to a guardian, the VPD statement said.

In a separate incident late Saturday, only two of six people discovered inside a broken-down limousine stalled on Stanley Park Drive were found to have come from the same household.

In addition, police said the driver, who did not have a licence or permit to operate a limousine, was fined $2,300 for violating COVID-19 protocols.

Highly intoxicated, hostile party-goers

Later that same evening, police were called to two separate parties inside two different condo buildings, the statement said.

At one of those, about 10 people were celebrating a birthday, police said. Despite the group being apologetic and remorseful for violating protocols, the condo owner was issued a $230 fine.

But the other group of about 15 partiers, who police said were "highly intoxicated", became hostile when officers tried to break up the gathering, according to the statement.

That owner was issued a $2,300 COVID-19 violation ticket by police.