Anti-Conservatives use Canada day for on-line protests

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Is it Canada Day or is Anti-Harper day?

As millions of Canadians come together to celebrate Canada's 145th birthday, it seems a large number of people have taken to Twitter in a virtual protest against Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

As of 2 p.m., Sunday, #DenounceHarper was the number 2 trending topic on Twitter — ahead of #CanadaDay. Tweeters were using the hashtag to voice dissatisfaction with the Harper government's policies.

Coincidentally, another trending topic to emerge during the Canada Day long weekend was #DisruptACon the brainchild of Mark McCaw a.k.a @bigpicguy.

The self-described "anti-bad government" blogger is proposing a summer of "non-violent guerrilla civil disobedience."

"DisruptACon is about making the lives of elected conservative members miserable," McCaw wrote in his blog on Friday.

"It's about people showing up at every public function they appear at. It's about finding them in public places and confronting them on their policies and demanding explanations," he said, adding that his plan isn't about 24/7 encampments or 'pots and pans' rallies.

"If there is nothing else you think you can do, here's something very simple. Open up your email. Get a listing of conservative MP's parliamentary email addresses. Set up a template, email to all of them, and send them either a question or a comment or a concern at least once a day. If just 1000 Canadians use this as their form of protest, every conservative MP will have 7000 emails a week in their inbox."

From Canada Day to Labour Day, it looks like the Harper government is in for a rough ride this summer at least in the on-line world.

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