B.C. premier Christy Clark draws criticism for using her son in ‘Family Day’ ad

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
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Some politicians are adamant about not involving their children in their political lives: they don't want pictures of them taken, they don't want them mentioned and they don't want them to be used as political pawns.

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Apparently, B.C. premier Christy Clark doesn't seem to have a problem with any of that.

Here's her 'Family Day' ad:

The Sun News' David Akin suggests the ad is an attempt to improve Clark's public image — ahead of a May election — especially among women.

Political analyst Alex Tsakumis, however, believes there's a little something more sinister here.

"Explain how it's at all fair — or appropriate — for the BC Liberals to be using advertising that suggests [Clark] is somehow extra qualified to be elected premier, because she's a mother," he wrote on his Facebook page.

"Setting aside the disgrace of using one's own child as a political pawn, I ask: Is [NDP leader] Adrian Dix less qualified to be premier because he and Rene chose not to have children or simply didn't? An absolutely despicable advertising undercurrent. The BC Liberals have reached rock bottom in the shamelessness and unkindness. The election cannot come soon enough. As a British Columbian I am ASHAMED of my government. Politics is an ugly business, but this kind of evil is beyond the pale."

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Will the ads work? Is it inappropriate for Clark to use her son in the ad?

Or is this just an excuse for Christy Clark 'bashers' to bash some more?

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