Government of Canada, Stephen Harper offer gifts to Prince George of Cambridge

Andy Radia
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What do you give to a royal baby who will probably never go wanting for anything in his life?

How about a blanket?

In a statement, released Thursday, Stephen Harper announced that the Government of Canada will be gifting Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge — the first child of Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — a "Canadian-handcrafted blanket, reflective of our country’s rich and diverse culture."

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The government will also commemorate the birth by providing $100,000 to a Canadian children's charity to be named at a later date.

"These gifts symbolize our warm ties to our Royal Family, honouring our close and enduring relationship," Harper said.

In addition to the taxpayer funded gifts, the Harper's and the Johnston's (Governor General David Johnston and his wife ) will give a personal gift to the future king: a selection of Canadian children's books both in English and in French.

The full statement, about the gifts, can be seen here.

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Like a lot of us, the prime minister seems to have joined in the royal baby frenzy.

It's not a surprise — the Harper government has been strengthening its connections with the royals. Last year, the government reintroduced the “royal” title back into the names of Canada’s navy and air force and ordered portraits of the Queen to be given more prominence at foreign affairs headquarters.

And, in 2012, the government spent $7.5 million — in addition to the $50 million we spend annually on the monarchy — just to commemorate the Queen's diamond jubilee.

There's a lot of royal love at the PMO.

(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

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