Manitoba PC leader wishes Happy Holidays to “infidel atheists”

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Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister speaks to reporters on Monday, defending the house in Winnipeg he purchased for $2 million earlier this fall. (CBC)

Kudos to PressProgress for locating this YouTube video and posting it on their website.

In the video, Manitoba Progressive Conservative leader Brian Pallister — who was also a federal Conservative MP — wishes everybody a Happy Holidays, even those "infidel atheists."

Technically, Pallister didn't say anything wrong.

According to Meriam Webster, there are at least a couple of different definitions of infidel:

- one who is not a Christian or who opposes Christianity

- one who acknowledges no religious belief

- a person who does not believe in a religion that someone regards as the true religion

The latter definition, however, has some negative connotations and that's why most people don't use the term 'infidel' in everyday language.

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Not surprisingly, Pallister's message has elicited some interesting reaction.

Press Progress suggests that it could be the "most awkward holiday greeting of 2013."

Others took to Twitter with their comments:

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