NDP MP Peter Stoffer lashes out at colleague Rob Anders’ ‘stupid’ Layton comments

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

You might not be surprised to hear an individual call another person a "dickhead" on the sports fields or the school grounds of a middle school.

But you certainly wouldn't — and shouldn't — expect to hear that kind of language in the House of Commons.

In just the latest act of incivility on Parliament Hill, NDP MP Peter Stoffer went on a 2 minute rant Monday, after he learned that Conservative MP Rob Anders was quoted as saying that Thomas Mulcair "helped to hasten Jack Layton's death."

In a candid and impromptu interview with Global News, Stoffer didn't bite his tongue.

"Is [Anders] that stupid or is he just that stupid," he rhetorically asks the reporter.

"I know he sleeps a lot but I didn't realize he was that stupid. I cannot believe he said that."

And, before one of his staffers dragged him away, Stoffer called Anders a "complete dickhead."

Here's the interview, as posted on YouTube:

On Monday afternoon, Anders apologized to Mulcair and Layton's family with a statement saying that his comments were "insensitive and inconsiderate."

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Jack Layton's widow, NDP MP Olivia Chow, accepted his apology at a press conference on Parliament Hill.

"I appreciate Mr. Anders' concern of Jack's health and his death. There is nothing I wouldn't do to make Jack live longer," she said, according to the National Post.

"So to all conspiracy theorists, cancer is unpredictable, is vicious and it kills.

"Like all the other NDP members of parliament, Tom Mulcair loved Jack."

Despite calls for Anders' to be kicked out of the Conservative caucus, PostMedia News is reporting that it doesn't look like he will be formally disciplined.

There's also no word about Stoffer being punished by the NDP.