Parliamentary naughty and nice lists for 2011

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

Despite requests from Yahoo! Canada News, the North Pole refuses to disclose Santa's official naughty or nice list.

As a result, pundits and analysts are forced to decipher for themselves which parliamentarians belong in which category.

Here are our naughty and nice lists for 2011:

Naughty List:

Pat Martin:

NDP MP Pat Martin makes the naughty list for his potty-mouthed tweet , in November, after the Conservatives invoked closure on their budget bill.

"This is a f--king disgrace ... closure again," he tweeted.  "And on the Budget! There's not a democracy in the world that would tolerate this jackboot sh--."

Justin Trudeau

Pat Martin wasn't the only one to use 'unparliamentarily' language in the House of Commons in 2011.

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau lost his cool last week, when Conservative environment minister Peter Kent scolded an NDP critic for failing to attend a climate change conference in South Africa.

Outraged because Kent had refused to allow Opposition critics to travel as part of Canada's delegation, Trudeau leaned forward and hollered across the aisle: "Oh, you piece of sh--!"

Despite a heart-felt apology, Trudeau's words leave him on the naughty list.

Peter MacKay

Defence Minister Peter MacKay has come under fire this year for several indiscretions.

Earlier this month, he was alleged to have used a military aircraft for personal use and, instead of owning up to it, he threatened to sue any MP who accused him of doing so.

And, last week, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation accused MacKay of living the high-life at European hotels and charging the taxpayers for an expensive ticket to the Grey Cup in Edmonton.

Tony Clement

Tony Clement has been on the naughty list  for many months due to allegations that he funneled G8 summit funds into his riding.

The Auditor General has slammed Clement and the Harper government  for misleading Parliament about the purpose of the fund and for their failure to produce any documentation showing why specific projects were funded.

Nice List:

Charlie Angus

NDP MP Charlie Angus makes the nice list for bringing attention to the deplorable living conditions in the northern Ontario community of Attawapiskat.

Angus produced a YouTube video showing families living in tents and in shacks with no running water or insulation.

His efforts propelled the issue to the front pages of the newspapers forcing the Conservatives to finally intervene.

John Baird

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird's long-time political aide Garry Keller has been sick with kidney failure for years and now needs a transplant.

Baird makes the nice list for his public appeal to parliamentarians asking them to get tested to see if they would be a suitable living donor.

Baird was also tested.

Jim Flaherty

Even Santa can see that after another difficult year of economic tumult in Europe and the United States. Canada's economy is still relatively strong thanks in large part to finance minister Jim Flaherty.

Canada's finance minister is well-respected both nationally and internationally and is credited for successfully steering Canada through the last recession.

Canada remains one of the fastest growing economies in the G8 and has its fiscal house in order.