Tories release first attack ads against Justin Trudeau: “He’s in way over is head”

Well, that didn't take long.

The Tories have released their first attack ads against Justin Trudeau, less that 24 hours after the Liberals elected him as their new leader.

Incidentally, the striptease, in the video, is from a 2011 "What a girl wants" fundraising gala to raise money to fight liver disease. Trudeau was on stage while guests bid to have lunch with him — he raised $1,900.

And the quote about Quebecers being better: that was sort of taken out of context. As explained by the National Post, that line comes from a 1999 interview where Trudeau was paraphrasing his father.

The YouTube ads are paid for by the Conservative Fund of Canada — the fundraising arm of the Conservative Party — and links to an associated website called

The website asks for donations of $5, $10 or $15 "so more Canadians can watch" the ads.

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The Liberals — like the rest of us — expected negative attacks ads and have been working towards building a war chest to counter them.

Trudeau also touched on the topic of attack ads during his victory speech on Sunday night:

Canadians are looking to us, my friends. They are giving us a chance, hopeful that the party of Wilfrid Laurier can rediscover his sunny ways.

Hopeful that positive politics has a fighting chance against the steady barrage of negativity that you and I both know is coming soon to TV screens across right across the country. Our volunteers actually tell us that the phone messages have already started.

To adapt a sentiment from the great American President Franklin D. Roosevelt: never before in this country have the forces of negativity, cynicism and fear been so united in their hostility toward one candidate.

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