A timeline of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's (doomed?) romance

Rumours have begun circulating that Canada's No. 1 rock star couple could be on the rocks. The upcoming issue of Us Weekly (via Daily Mail) reports that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are going their separate ways.

"It's over," a source told the mag. "He has been going around L.A. and telling people that they're divorcing."

The news comes a month after Lavigne, 29, was seen without her wedding ring in Los Angeles. The 29-year-old "Let Me Go" singer left the Chateau Marmont with friends on August 30 with her hand noticeably lighter.

A tweet Lavigne wrote about her diamond one-year anniversary gift from her 39-year-old husband has also since been deleted. "I still can't believe my 1 year anniversary gift. 1 carat emerald cut. Wow. I love my hubby," she had tweeted with a photo of her nuzzling 39-year-old Kroeger, ring on display.

For those who are mourning Chavril on this day, here is a timeline of their romance for you to hold on to:

Feb. 28, 2012: Lavigne reveals she and Kroeger have been working together on her album, "Here's To Never Growing Up," with the tweet, "Bro'ing out with Chad Kroeger in the studio." She also included a photo of the two of them looking pretty friendly. In 2013, she admitted on "Chelsea Lately" that days after they met, she and Kroeger got matching French tattoos reading "Vivre le moment présent" ("Live in the moment"). "I was really surprised that he didn't have any tattoos, so the second day in the studio I'm like, 'I'm so getting you your first tattoo,'" Lavigne said.

April 9, 2012: Kroeger talks to K104.7 about working with Avril. He expresses how impressed he is at how “she can pound the vodka, for a girl of her stature" and that she asked him to sing on one of their tunes before they "started flying on all these different songs.” According to him, “things just clicked real quick.”

July 1, 2012: Kroeger and Lavigne start secretly dating on Canada Day.

Aug 8, 2012: Kroeger proposes to Lavigne, but no one knows it yet. "I had been making this scrapbook of my time in the studio. I walk over and he had taken a photo of himself holding the ring box and put the Polaroid in my scrapbook," Lavigne told Ryan Seacrest in April. "Because I had stickers everywhere he put in 'Will you marry me?' It was really romantic and kind of made sense."

Aug. 21, 2012: "Chavril" is born after Lavigne and Kroeger announce their surprise engagement. "A romantic relationship blossomed as they spent time writing together," a friend of Lavigne's told People. They also make their photo debut as a couple on the cover of Hello! Canada. "I knew I was falling for her," Kroeger told the magazine of their time in the studio. "It was incredibly powerful and something I'll never forget." Added Lavigne, "He takes care of me in every way and is extremely attentive."

Oct. 22, 2012: Lavigne announces she is covering her fiance's band Nickelback's tune "How You Remind Me" (from the band's 2001 album "Silver Side Up") for the anime film "One Piece Film Z." Fans do not love it.

May 19, 2013: Kroeger and Lavigne make their first red carpet appearance together at the Billboard Music Awards in matching leather.

June 16, 2013: Lavigne shoots down rumours that she is pregnant after she is photographed in a dress with what looks like a baby bump. "Because I’m engaged now, the next thing is ‘Oh, she’s going to have a baby,'" she said at the B96 Pepsi Summer Bash in Chicago. "I’ve had the pregnancy rumor happen to me so many different times, and it’s like ‘Oh, OK, no, not yet.'"

July 1, 2013:  On the anniversary of their first date, the Canadian duo weds at Château de la Napoule in the south of France. Lavigne wears a black Monique Lhuillier gown  "We think it's very cool that our anniversary will always be on Canada Day," Kroeger told People. "We can't wait to start our life together. We're very happy."

Oct. 8, 2013: Chavril drops their duet "Let Me Go" (one of 10 songs co-written by Kroeger on Lavigne's 13-song album) and critics have a field day with it. "Chad Kroeger And Avril Lavigne Made A Duet Together And It’s Just As Horrible As You’d Imagine," BuzzFeed wrote, echoing the sentiments of the media as a whole.

November 5, 2013: The couple shares their rules for a successful marriage with People magazine, including spending no more than two weeks apart, avoiding nightclubs and not drinking when they're apart. "When you have something special, you can't take it for granted and be careless with it," Lavigne said. "We want to give it all the care and love and nurturing that we can."

(Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Clear Channel)
(Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Clear Channel)

Dec. 20, 2013: The duo's last appearance on the red carpet has them in matching black for the Y 100 Jingle Ball at BB&T Center in Florida.

May 31, 2014: Shania Twain tweets a photo of her with Chavril backstage at Lavigne's Planet Hollywood gig.

Avril Lavigne/Twitter
Avril Lavigne/Twitter

July 1, 2014: Lavigne shares a photo of the couple on Twitter, complete with a massive new rock on her finger: "I still can't believe my 1 year anniversary gift. 1 carat emerald cut. Wow. I love my hubby." The tweet is later deleted.

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