• French newspaper issues apology for horribly placed ad

    Le Monde tweets apology for ad blunder

    (Photo: Twitter)(Photo: Twitter)
    No matter how well intentioned a newspaper advertisement is, its message can be totally ruined based on its placement.

    Le Monde, a French daily newspaper, is up for some serious scrutiny after their latest issue had a horribly placed advertisement.

    Twitter user Patrick Dacquin noticed the placement and shared it online.

    When laid out flat, the article on one-side shows the graphic images of the drowned Syrian boy washed ashore, while the opposing page features an ad for Gucci that shows a woman washed ashore clutching onto a purse.

    The timing of this ad blunder comes a day after the images of Aylan Kurdi, a 3-year-old who drowned as his family tried to flee from Kobani to Europe, were released.  The images have caused public outrage, and have shone light on the Syrian refugee crisis.

    Le Monde tweeted an apology, explaining that they hadn’t noticed the positioning and they take full responsibility for the

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  • ‘Slave Tetris’ removed from educational video game after backlash

    CEO: "Maybe there is just a lot of culturally differences in what you can discuss and express."

    An educational video game that depicts the slave trade has removed a section of the game, which features a Tetris-like challenge where slaves are stacked on top of each other in a ship.

    Playing History 2: Slave Trade was developed by Serious Games, a Danish firm with offices throughout Europe, which produces games with educational themes. Slave Trade was released in 2013 and is the third of a series that includes Vikings and Plague.

    It recently caused a stir after Serious Games promoted a discount for Slave Trade on the gaming entertainment platform website, Stream, along with the trailer above. The video features the Slave Tetris part of the game at the 40 second mark.

    After an outcry erupted on social media, the firm tweeted that it took the offending section out of the game, though the rest was still available.

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  • Warning: Graphic language

    I’ll have a Big Mac, large fries and a worker to go please… 

    A crazed customer at a Louisiana McDonald’s pulled a drive-thru worker by her hair through the pull-up window and assaulted her, and the entire attack was recorded and shared online.

    The disturbing 30-second clip, shot by a passenger, shows a car pulling up at a McDonald’s drive-thru window. The 16-year-old worker begins talking to the driver. The words exchanged between the two females is inaudible, but from the video you can see things quickly escalate, and the driver grabs the worker by her hair and pulls her through the window and into the car. The worker is then repeatedly punched.

    The passenger who recorded the incident posted it online, and with the help of the recordings and witness accounts, the police were able to identify and arrest the parties involved, WWLTV reports.

    The St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office have reported that three teens and a 20-year-old woman were charged in

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  • You should always be mindful of who you are messing with, as you never know who might actually be a professional MMA fighter.

    This ended up being the case for one Brazilian man as he ended up being taken down with a lion killer choke hold by a woman, who actually has a blue belt in jiu-jitsu fighting and is a mixed martial arts fighter.

    Earlier this week, 23-year-old Monique Bastos and a friend were walking around Acailandia, Western Brazil, when out of nowhere, two men cornered them with their motorcycle and demanded they hand over their cellphones, The Daily Mail reports.

    The men were completely unaware of who Bastos was and were in for a huge surprise when she decided to turn the situation around and defend herself.

    Bastos told Brazil’s iG website, “One of the guys grabbed the mobile phone I was carrying. I could see that they were not armed so I knocked their motorbike down. I wasn’t afraid. I knew I could immobilize them.“

    One of the men managed to flee the scene, but the

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  • If there’s anything that can spice up a political press conference on tourism - or distract you from the issue entirely - a photobombing beluga whale is a perfect place to start.

    The whale, named Juno, is now basking in his 15 minutes of Internet fame after an artful display at Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Conn.

    State Gov. Dannel Malloy was at the aquarium to make an announcement about the state’s tourism growth. But it was Juno who was the star of the afternoon, as he was seen swimming through the background and spraying water from his blowhole. 

    A reporter finally acknowledged the aquatic jester near the end of the press conference. Apparently, was offered the chance to pet Juno earlier but declined. Apparently ‘no’ wasn’t an acceptable answer to the whale.

    This isn’t Juno’s first time in the spotlight. He was also the star of a YouTube video posted last year where he comically teased some kids looking through the glass of his tank. He’s also reportedly the same whale that was shown

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  • New Brunswick town bands together on social media to catch rogue llama

    "Llama still missing in Quispamsis. It's brown, yay high, looks like a llama."

    (Photo: Twitter)(Photo: Twitter)

    Residents of a small town in New Brunswick joined together to ensure one of their neighbours got home safely after she masterminded not only a great escape, but a great evasion.

    The Kaser family brought Louise the seven-month-old llama home from a farm in Nova Scotia a few days prior and thought twice about leaving their new animal home alone, Valerie Kaser told CBC News.

    Thinking the llama would be comfortable and at home with the other horses at Pegasus Pony Pals, the family decided to take the risk. That’s when Louise pounced on her opportunity.

    “At this point I think we decided that she probably ducked under a gate that was set up to be a suitable height for horses but not really low enough to the ground to keep a determined llama in,” Owen Kaser told BuzzFeed Canada.

    By the time the family was informed their llama was missing, there had already been numerous sightings of Louise around town

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  • Ryan Leef handcuffs, puts vandal under citizen arrestRyan Leef handcuffs, puts vandal under citizen arrest

    Tension runs high on the campaign trail, whether it is on a paved urban boulevard or a rainy stretch of a remote northern highway.

    After discovering a slew of destroyed campaign signs, Yukon MP (and former cage fighter) Ryan Leef took matters into his own hands, searching for a late-night vandal along part of the Alaska highway.

    “No way am I going to look at these gaudy signs until October!” wrote the admitted vandal, Carrie Boles, in a letter to the Yukon News. Boles says she wanted to cut Leef’s name out of the signs, so she could see the trees while she rode her bike home.

    “I just finished ‘altering’ my third small sign … and was moving onto my fourth when I heard a rumble in the bushes behind me,” wrote Boles.

    (CBC)(CBC)Boles says she was then approached by two men, one balding and dressed all in black, the other in camouflage. The woman wrote that her arm was twisted behind her back and she was forced to the ground, while the men yelled “Citizen’s arrest, citizen’s arrest, you are being

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  • Texas State student busted for DWI cruises campus in Barbie Jeep, gets all the lols

    “I’m just happy everyone thinks this is so hilarious."

    (Photo: Twitter/@GratefulRaver)(Photo: Twitter/@GratefulRaver)

    When you lose your license to a DWI arrest and absolutely need to get around, a bicycle will probably be your best bet. And if you really want to splurge, you might opt for a vespa. 

    But 20-year-old Tara Monroe found another solution to this very problem: She’s pimped out her morning commute with a pink Barbie Jeep.

    The Texas State student found her new hot pink ride, complete with decals and all, on Craigslist for $60, KVUE reports. The previous owner was, as you may have guessed, a little girl.

    Monroe, an industrial engineering junior, reportedly had her license automatically suspended after refusing a breathalyzer while driving home from a Waka Flocka concert.

    And, like all responsible used car owners do, she’s named her new wheels "Charlene" after the little girl who outgrew it first.

    It would be easy to think this is all a joke if it weren’t for the many photos of

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    Finding a hot date when you've been living the single life for a while can be tough. Have no fear. One restaurant in South Korea may have a surprise for you...literally.

    Here's how it works. You walk into a restaurant that reads "Restaurant for Singles” (loosely translated because I don’t have my Korean alphabet memorized yet). You immediately feel better about the prospect of having dinner by yourself, because after all, everyone else in the place is there alone too. An iPad pops up a message that asks if you're enjoying your meal because somebody would like to join you and then boom, the wall in front of you opens up to reveal a hot date you had no clue was coming.

    While the video seems like more of a practical joke than anything else (and may actually be a viral marketing campaign), there are actually many places in Seoul and beyond where you can dine alone.

    Some singles dining hot spots allow you to have your own half table with no one sitting across from you. It’s the chance

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  • An exchange between Barton and the immigration minister quickly became heated. (Photos: Twitter)An exchange between Barton and the immigration minister quickly became heated. (Photos: Twitter)

    A heated exchange between the host of a political talk show and a Conservative cabinet minister is drawing attention to the Syrian refugee crisis.  

    Rosemary Barton, host of CBC’s "Power and Politics," took to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander with a direct line of questioning about what’s being called the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. 

    The issue is under intense focus after a photo showing a drowned Syrian boy was widely circulated on social media. The boy and his family were reported to have been seeking refugee status in Canada.

    Barton pressed Alexander as to why the Conservative government turns to the private sector to take in refugees from Syria rather than leading the effort.

    “Why do you keep saying that,“ Alexander shot back.

    "Because it’s a fact,” Barton replied.

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