A shark and horde of hippos face off. What happens next?

It’s pretty clear to see in this unusual interaction that a shark is no match for a horde of hippos.

This rare footage, captured recently in South Africa’s iSimangaliso Wetland Park, shows a small bull shark swimming right into a family of hippos frolicking in shallow waters. The hippos, clearly, weren’t too pleased with the intruder.

The shark is seen making a few passes at the hippos as it circles around the horde, who are taking a dip in the ocean. The hippos start fending off the shark and one hippo even lunges at the shark as it quickly swims away.

Tour operator, Stacy Farrell, who managed to capture the face-off, told Earth Touch News Network that the shark was most likely attracted to the fish swimming nearby where the hippo’s dropped their waste.

“It would be the best place for the shark to be looking for a snack,” Farrell told the news outlet. “The water was very muddy and the shark started bumping into the hippo, which caused them to start attacking [the shark].”

Let’s hope the shark managed to find some fish and left the hippos in peace.