British government responds to zombie apocalypse information request

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

The world has survived one apocalypse, but the British government isn't taking any chances in the event that Gangnam Style's repetitive lyrics finally turn everyone into brain-eating zombies.

The British Ministry of Defense has responded to a Freedom of Information request about how the government is prepared for a zombie apocalypse, according to the Telegraph.

"In the event of an apocalyptic incident (eg zombies), any plans to rebuild and return England to its pre-attack glory would be led by the Cabinet Office, and thus any pre-planning activity would also take place there," the response says, according to the report.

"The Ministry of Defence's role in any such event would be to provide military support to the civil authorities, not take the lead. Consequently, the Ministry of Defence holds no information on this matter."

Britain is probably the most prepared country in the world should the undead ever invade. City Council in Bristol released last year a full-fledged contingency plan to handle zombie outbreaks.

The tongue-in-cheek document contains advice for zombie encounters, such as cutting their heads off, and details about training for other emergency situations.

"Staff fully qualified in zombie handling may qualify for partial exemption and accreditation in the training for handling pirate outbreaks, and for spotting the difference between genuine hot air balloons and evil giant floaty space aliens," the plan says.

A senseless waste of taxpayer money, you say? Don't say Homeland Security didn't warn you.