British man will auction his time during April 2013 to the highest bidder

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Young people in Canada face a tough job market.

It's the premise of the documentary Generation Jobless, airing tonight, and the situation in the UK might not be much better judging from one man's Indiegogo campaign to sell each day of his life for a month to the highest bidder.

The campaign's creator, James Hamer-Morton, might be running out of career ideas. Or he might be a genius tapping into modern needs, such as flexible labour and constant entertainment.

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Either way, Hamer-Morton says bidders can hire him for one day during the month of April to do anything. No, he won't rob a bank for you. The tasks must be legal, the description says, but he will mow your lawn or drop you off at the airport.

"Want a cheap wedding video? Bid for me to be there in the stocks for the guest to throw fruit at! Actually, I'd prefer you didn't do that. But if you win ... I would do it!" he writes on the campaign page.

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Hamer-Morton says contributions to the Indiegogo campaign will support the making of a documentary about his endeavor and bids on his time will come later.

This entrepreneur joins others with wacky ideas, such as Jason HeadSetsDotCom, who auctioned his last name for a year and has sold the right to choose what t-shirt he wears.