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Cat walks dog home on leash in viral video

Have you ever tried to train your cat to walk on a leash so you can take him outside for a stroll around the block?

It’s funny. You should really try it. The feline majority will simply start attacking the leash like it’s a new toy. If you manage to secure the leash around kitty’s neck with all your fingers still intact, there’s a good chance he’ll just lie there like an angry lump, defying you to do something about it.

But Dafna Kopelis has discovered the reason why. As it turns out, cats like the leash – provided they’re the ones pulling it.

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In a video posted to YouTube, her cat Ruthi can be seen leading one of her dog siblings up several flights of stairs to the family apartment.

According to Kopelis, Ruthi is a highly intelligent creature that has lived with her two canine contemporaries since she was a four-week-old kitten.

This sort of living arrangement has led Kopelis to suspect that Ruthi may consider herself a dog as well. In fact, Ruthi even comes running when her Kopelis calls her name, and as cat people know, this is highly unusual behaviour for an animal that would just as soon roll her eyes and pretend she doesn’t even speak your silly human language.

And since there’s nothing like a cat video to send you barreling down a YouTube cat-video rabbit hole, here’s a bonus video of another kitty cat demonstrating decidedly un-feline-like behaviour.

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In case your boss walks by while you’re watching, keep this tab open on your screen.

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