Cheesecake the capybara adopts orphaned puppies

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

Because there’s no time like the present to indulge in therapeutic levels of cuteness, here is Cheesecake the capybara hanging out with the abandoned puppies she has adopted as her own.

Earlier this month, a person who deserves to spend the rest of his or her life eating casseroles made out of dirty cigarette butts, dumped a litter of eight adorable Dachshund puppies in a plastic bin behind an Arkansas church.

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The kind folks at the church rescued the poor little guys and gals before nature, with the assistance of human cruelty, could take its course. They adopted one of the pups as their own and called the Rocky Ridge Refuge, a local animal sanctuary, to take the rest and eventually find good homes for them.

Except a few of those pups have already found the best home they could ever imagine under the furry (and figurative) wing of the refuge’s resident rodent.

As ABC News notes, refuge founder Janice Wolf left the puppies under the temporary care of Cheesecake, a capybara who has earned a little fame of her own thanks to the popularity of her online photos and videos.

“Saturday was warm and sunny here, so I put Cheesecake in charge of the Doxie pups for the day!” Wolf wrote on the refuge’s popular Facebook page.

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Capybaras, natives of South America, are the world’s biggest rodents and can weigh as much as a human adult. They’re also cute, so just be glad it’s the capybara that weighs as much as a human adult and not a New York subway rat. Thank you, evolution!

But back to Cheesecake. Because the dogs have taken to her as though she were their mama Dachshund and the pictures will make your heart grow three sizes. Why is it that animals are generally the ones to teach us how to be better humans?